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Web Hosting

Fast and Reliable web hosting for personal or business use. Everything you need to get your website online today!

VPS Hosting

Cloud Airplane
Virtual Private Server Hosting provides you with a set amount of dedicated resources reserved for you and only you.

Cloud Servers

Moon Rocket
Hostwinds Cloud Servers are completely customizable and come with an abundance of 1-click installation options.

Dedicated Servers

Pillar Servers
Our dedicated solutions provide you with complete control and 100% isolation from other users.

Why Hostwinds?

Our mission is to make the best hosting experience for you

Hostwinds Servers


Hostwinds owns 100% of our servers, systems, and structures. Every server, router, and deployment is under our control. When a problem arises, we can fix it directly.

Most hosting companies rent their servers and forward the costs to their clients.

By purchasing our own hardware and servicing it ourselves, we can react quickly to every situation and cut out the extra overhead of repackaging another provider's services. We pass these savings directly on to our clients.

Hostwinds Redundancy


We're not here for the short term. We build the best systems and products we possibly can. We keep our 99.9999% promise by building redundancies into each system.

We build all of our locations to 2N redundancy standards (meaning two of everything) from the routers to our fiber paths. This keeps you online no matter what.

Hostwinds Redundancy

Hostwinds Build


Our network and hardware are built tactically, with the best scalability in mind. We know that we can trust our systems because we created them ourselves with the future in mind.

Whenever you need more servers for your operation, we're ready. We always ensure we have ample spare capacity to allow for seamless failovers and rapid expansion.

Reviews and Awards

Our reputation for excellence is unmatched. We're very proud of the numerous awards and industry accolades we have received throughout the years.

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