5 Tips for Finding the Best Host for WordPress

WordPress is an easy-to-use, free, and open source piece of software that allows for the construction of dynamic and effective websites. With a huge selection of templates available, and an easy-to-manage construction tool, WordPress makes building and customizing a company’s website a simple task. Once WordPress is used to construct a website, the only way to actually make the website viewable is to enlist the services of a web hosting company. When searching for the best host for WordPress, there are five key tips to keep in mind:

1) Responsive support – it is vital to partner with a web hosting company that has experience with WordPress, and has the support infrastructure in place to provide adequate service levels. Those organizations that continually receive poor user reviews, no matter the price, are best left for someone else.

2) Uptime Guarantees – Honest web hosting companies will provide your business with an accurate uptime figure. You rely on website traffic to help grow your business, and service interruptions can cause a negative experience for your clients and prospective customers. You’ll want to see an uptime guarantee of at least “three nines,” meaning 99.9% uptime. This equates to 43 minutes of downtime per month, or a little over a minute per day. A “four nines” rated service, with 99.99% uptime, means that your website will experience no more than four minutes of downtime per month. That is a host that has client experience in mind.

3) Pricing Structure – While price isn’t as important as the overall value offered by a WordPress hosting company, there are some hosts out there that really overcharge for the service they provide. Compare providers and take a look at the bandwidth capacity, RAM provided, whether they share server space, and how many websites are allowed per account. The lowest priced company is not always the best value, but hosting services shouldn’t be a major component of your company’s overhead.

4) Web Host Type – Free, low-cost, shared, dedicated, virtual private servers, and cloud servers are the main types of web host servers available today. Free is usually not a good idea for any website, as the host must make up for the lack of fees with popup ads and forced banner advertisements. Shared hosting services place your website on a server with several other websites – with all pages utilizing or “sharing” the same server capacity. This works well for smaller, lower-volume sites, but may need to be upgraded as the business grows. Dedicated servers are solid, fast, and reliable. They are yours and yours alone to use. The downside? They are costly and may be an overkill for many websites today. Virtual private servers and cloud servers offer substantial capacity and are popular hosts among most website creators.

5) Experience in the Field – While the lowest cost web hosts may have a slight edge in terms of pricing, it is important to partner with a company that has the technical skill to ensure that your website – as basic or complicated as it may be – operates flawlessly. Research the organization you’re considering and either live chat or call one of their technical staff members to ensure you’ll receive the best service down the road.

WordPress is taking over the blogging and website creation world by storm. By ensuring that your WordPress-created website is managed by the best hosting service possible, simply follow the five tips outlined above.

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