Changing the Primary Domain on Your Hosting Plan

Welcome to another Straight Up Saturday series, where we try to highlight a common or recent issue that customers have. Today it’s all about changing your main/primary domain on a shared or business hosting plan.

Let’s say you have a .net or a .info for your domain and you’ve just acquired the .com Now you want that to be the primary domain on your hosting plan with Hostwinds. Or you want to use an entirely different domain.

We’ve got ya covered!

All you need to do is give us a call (888-404-1279) or send us a message with live chat on our website. One of our friendly team members will get a ticket going to start the process and we’ll handle it from there. The ticketing system will keep you up to date and will inform you automatically when it’s complete.

Don’t have the time for a phone call then shoot us a quick email and you can do the same thing.  Here are 3 short steps on how it works

  • Head to and open a ticket
  • In the subject line of the ticket write, “Change my domain [olddomain.tld] to [newdomain.tld]
  • We review the change for you and automatically update everything

You will be notified in your ticket that the change has been made.

Note: Don’t add your new domain as an addon, as we can’t make it your primary domain if it’s already an addon domain.

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