Creating Custom 404 Error Pages (and Some Cool Examples!)

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A customer visits your site only to be given a 404 error page… that’s not a good thing. If you’re lucky, they’ll stick around and find their way to the front page. But often times, they’ll just hit the back button and they’re gone. Maybe if you had created an interesting, custom 404 error page you could have held their attention and directed them to what they were looking for. Or at least guided them in a similar direction while still keeping them on the site.

There’s also the option of redirecting any 404 pages to somewhere else on your site automatically. We have more about that, as well as more information about what they are and what causes them, on our guide to 404 pages here.


How do I Create a Custom 404 Page?

You can create custom 404 error pages right inside your cPanel. You just have to know what you want it to look like and have the HTML ready.

  • Go to Error Pages in the Advanced section

Showing Where to Create Custom 404 Error Pages in cPanel

  • Select the domain you’re working on
  • Select the error (in this case, the 404 Not Found error)
  • Enter the message and/or HTML into the box on the next page
  • Click Save at the bottom


Note: You’ll see several codes at the top of the input box you can include that will display certain information like the referring URL the visitor came from, visitor’s IP, the URL they were trying to access, etc. They are not required.


Custom 404 Pages on WordPress

For WordPress sites, you can use a plugin that makes it even easier. Some of the ones you might consider:

  • 404 Page
  • 404 Page (Another one)
  • Forty Four (This one lets you set up configurable redirects. For example, if you want visitors to see the custom 404 and search engines to be 301 redirected elsewhere)

Interesting and Funny 404 Pages to Draw Inspiration From


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