Finding help with your first WordPress

According to recent numbers released about internet usage in 2012, there were more than 50 million websites added last year alone. Blogging platforms and other CMS software have aided in taking these numbers to new levels.

What started simply as a blogging system, the WordPress software has developed into a fully customizable content management system. The open source project allows endless opportunities for users to create, develop and run amazing and innovative sites.With over 68 million WordPress sites to date, it is clear that the team at WordPress is onto something, and they’re doing it well.

For a WordPress account to contain all the site features that most want or require to run a business, the site will require some sort of hosting service that can provide the appropriate amount of server usage needed.

Thanks to WordPress’s user friendly steps, creating a new site is easier than ever. But as different as the vast assortment of sites there are, there is just as vast an assortment of site creators. Not everyone who creates a site is tech savvy. For users who might be overwhelmed by the process of starting a new site, a great piece of advice is to seek advice.

According to WordPress, two things you will need from your host provider are PHP version 5.2.4 or greater and MySQL version 5.0 or greater.

Sounds simple enough. The team at WordPress boasts a 5-minute install, and even for beginners, as long as you’re working with a qualified hosting service, that’s all it should really take.

Users will first download the latest version of the WordPress software, then unzip the file to a folder on their hard drive, and batta-boom-batta-bing they’re ready to start installing.

The company’s support page offers very detailed instructions and screenshots for setup that for the most part should be easily understood, but it definitely will streamline the process if you are working with a customer supportive hosting provider.

When choosing your hosting service, look for a company that ranks customer service first, as this feature will be the highest benefit to creating and maintaining your future site.

Creating fresh content and an interesting site should be the focus of a new site creator. That’s why finding a hosting service that will help with the technical issues is invaluable in the process. As with starting anything new, it helps to have an experienced professional on-hand to help with any hiccups.

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