Slow Mobile Page Load Speed Greatly Decreases Conversions

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How does your site measure up to others in your industry when it comes to mobile optimization and mobile page load speed? Generally speaking, over 20% of mobile pages take longer than 20 seconds to load and that’s not good. That’s not good because more than half the people surveyed in Google’s newly revealed study won’t stick around for more than three seconds for your page to load.


Tip: If you have a large, busy site on shared hosting that’s running slow, you may have outgrown your hosting plan.


People today demand instant information. Whether they’re searching for reviews on the best local pub, shopping for shoes, researching for a paper or paying their bills online… they don’t want to wait.

If your site takes three seconds to load, visitors are 32% more likely to hit the back button than if it only took one second. If it takes 10 seconds to fully load, which many do, that percent jumps to 132%.


If your site takes three seconds to load, visitors are 32% more likely to hit the back button than if it only took one second. Click To Tweet


And it’s not just the amount of traffic that should be a concern. The amount of money you make is also directly affected. Even though more traffic comes from mobile than desktops, customers are less likely to purchase when they’re on their mobile device.



The more elements there are to load on your page, the slower it’ll load and more people you’ll lose. Unfortunately, all industries included in the study suffer from slow loading mobile pages. According to the study, which involved over 900,000 mobile sites of small medium businesses and Fortune 1000 businesses, the average speed for each are:

  • Automotive: 9.5 seconds
  • Business and industrial markets: 8.7 seconds
  • Classifieds and local: 7.9 seconds
  • Finance: 8.3 seconds
  • Media and entertainment: 9 seconds
  • Retail: 9.8 seconds
  • Technology: 11.3 seconds
  • Travel: 10.1 seconds


How do I increase my mobile page speed load time?

In their study, they found that some of these pages could improve speed by simply compressing their text and images. If your site runs on WordPress, there are lots of little things that could be slowing it down. You can find some common problems and fixes in our guide for speeding up slow WordPress sites.

In general, have you done the following to optimize your site?


  • Compress images (TinyPNG and are both great)
  • Minify scripts
  • Remove unnecessary white space (hobo says removing extra space and text can shrink your file size by 10%)


You can test your site with Google’s Test My Site tool.

How does your site measure up against others in your industry? Have you increased your mobile load speed time and seen any difference in your bounce rates? Conversions?

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