One Thing You Probably Aren’t Doing that Could Create 6x More Conversions


Your SEO is spot-on. Your site design has been seemingly perfected. Your email marketing is to be admired and business is rocking. But there’s a good chance that you’re completely overlooking one thing that could dramatically increase conversions and even help adapt your marketing to be even better. Almost half of businesses online completely ignore it and only 15% have dedicated resources to nurture it. It’s your site’s search function.


They want to buy from YOU

email marketing successIf a visitor is looking through your site and not finding
what they’re looking for, very often they’ll just go to a competitor’s site. If they stick around and go through the trouble of searching your site for what they’re after, then it only makes sense that they’re likely to buy. They want to buy specifically from you. In fact, they’re five to six times more likely to buy than someone who doesn’t perform a search on your site. So paying attention to your internal search is very much worth the time and effort.


Leverage the data

When visitors search on your site, they’re giving you valuable information that can be used for many things. They’re telling you, in their own words, what they’re searching for. Have you optimized anything with the most searched for terms on your site?
Find out how to setup internal search and what to do with that data on ConversionXL’s guide here.

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