What is Cloud Computing?

The History of “Cloud Computing”

The concept of cloud computing debuted in 1961, as an idea presented by John McCarthy. The formal implementation of the first cloud computing platform for the business world was introduced 38 years later, as Google and salesforce.com both brought cloud computing services websites to the public. Salesforce.com satisfied an important need among salespeople. Many of these workers needed access to company and client information from a variety of mobile locations, and required the ability to logon to a shared bank of servers that contained pertinent company information. By eliminating the typical reliance on local hard drives and physical storage devices, sales teams were able to access practically unlimited information without having to bring it all along for the ride.

Why is the Cloud So Effective For Business Today?

Cloud computing is incredibly effective because it combines flexible scalability, low cost, and significant security measures. Cloud computing allows businesses to skip the immense investment in physical servers that many companies undertake, and instead rely solely on a cloud server that manages the flow of data into and out of the organization. Companies today understand that there are two basic ways to upgrade servers – either invest in expensive hardware and software that stays on site, or enlist the help of a cloud host to manage server duties. For those that choose to invest in physical servers on site, the initial investment is usually several thousands of dollars – not including the substantial cost of having dedicated IT teams install and configure these servers. Also, having to constantly monitor and upgrade these servers (and their related software) can quickly become an expensive proposition.

Cloud servers eliminate most of these issues. For the company who wants to enlist the services of a cloud host, simply contact the hosting provider and they will seamlessly manage the migration of data from your local hard drive to their own cloud. The costs for this service are frequently low, and are quick to accomplish. Once the information is transmitted to the cloud, it is accessible from just about anywhere! Cloud hosts charge reasonable monthly fees for hosting services, and cloud hosting is becoming the way to manage data for performance conscious companies.

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