Choosing the Best Ecommerce Host for Your Business

Your Website Is The Face Of Your Business

Whether your business is a startup or has been in existence for years, your website says a lot about your dedication to providing a pleasant and effective interface for your clients. Companies that are engaged in Ecommerce need to maintain a website that offers several key features for prospective buyers. These features must be supported by a competent web host that understands the Ecommerce space. Some of the key features that website users demand are secure encryption protocols, easy to manage shopping carts, feedback and remarks forums, and a dynamic and involving website design.

A Professional Ecommerce Host Can Help Drive Your Business

Some of the key considerations to make when seeking a competent Ecommerce host are the following:

  • Those that provide enough hard drive disk space for the needs of your business. As your company expands and your storage needs increase, a professional Ecommerce host can scale available data storage capacity to your specific needs.
  • Those that offer enough bandwidth, and the ability to customize your website through SEO and targeted marketing. Bandwidth is a serious consideration to make, especially as your business expands and draws additional site traffic. SEO, or search engine optimization, can help draw more viewers to your website and may increase sales and profitability.
  • Service levels of the Ecommerce host are important, as it is crucial to ensure a quick recovery if your website goes down. Ecommerce hosts should provide quality service no matter the monthly hosting costs. That said, higher priced plans don’t always provide the best service, and the lowest cost plans don’t necessarily preclude quality service levels. Demand high-quality service no matter what you are paying per month.
  • Uptime guarantees are critical! Ecommerce sites cannot afford to experience any significant downtime, as this can alienate customers and drive away business. A “three-9’s” uptime level should be considered acceptable for Ecommerce sites. This refers to 99.9% uptime, or less than 44 minutes of downtime per month. For those seeking the ultimate I uptime, “four-9’s” uptime levels, or 99.99%, provide about 4 minutes of downtime per month.

No matter the level of traffic your Ecommerce site generates, a reputable and reliable Ecommerce host will be able to provide the support your business needs. You’ll want to look for sufficient hard drive space, lots of RAM, generous bandwidth availability, quality service levels, and strong uptime guarantees.

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