We’re PROUD of YOU! JOIN The Hostwinds Wall of Fame!

Hostwinds Wall of Fame

Do you want to be a part of the Hostwinds Headquarter Office?

Hostwinds appreciates your commitment and contribution to our success! As we serve your needs each and everyday, we are reminded
how grateful for our FAMILY of clients! We have a SPECIAL PLACE in our office dedicated to our faithful clients…and WE WANT to see YOU there!

We would like YOU to be a part of our new surroundings!

We have a large “Wall of Fame” in our office RESERVED for our clients who have been a faithful part of the Hostwinds Family for ONE YEAR or MORE.

We have created an exhibit in your honor to show ALL that come visit us at the Hostwinds Headquarter office how proud we are of our clients.

You are a part of our family! We would like a “Family Photo Album” to show you to the public!

REMEMBER, if you have been with Hostwinds for ONE YEAR or MORE, you qualify to appear on the “Wall of Fame“.

If you would like to be featured on our wall, please send us ONE or ALL of the following items:

  • An individual photo of yourself (no larger than 6×6 inches – labeled with your company or organization name)
  • An organization staff photo (no larger than 6×6 inches – labeled with your company or organization name),
  • A good quality print of your company/business logo (maximum size of 6×6 inches)
  • A business card or small promotional item (stickers, magnets…) that can be hung on the wall

ALSO, if you wish, you can give us your “AUTOGRAPH –  Just sign the item and add a personal message if you would like to stand out in the crowd!

Mail your submission to our office here in Tulsa and we will make sure you are placed on our wall with PRIDE.

Please send your “Wall of Fame” submissions to:

Hostwinds Wall of Fame
c/o Marketing & Communications Department
9E 4th Street, Suite 304
Tulsa, OK 74103

We are excited to SEE YOU in our new office!

Now we can really say… “Welcome to the Hostwinds Family!”

THANKS!  –  The Hostwinds Team





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