3 New Reasons You Should be Using Pinterest for Business Marketing


Showing Pinterest's related ideas on demand for marketing ideas


Imagine a day when you see something you like, zoom your (smartphone) camera in on it and you’re almost instantly presented with where you can find that product and similar products… discovering the maker and companies with similar products right then and there. Or seeing how your friend’s new couch you adore would look in thousands of different settings.

That day is coming.

The ever-growing list of features Pinterest rolls out just got bigger with the announcement of three new, impressive features: Shop the Look, Related ideas on demand and probably the most interesting… Pinterest LensBETA.

Note: We know a lot of our customers (especially the more robust sites needing dedicated servers) are more tech oriented or businesses that aren’t exactly “pretty”, but that shouldn’t stop you from considering what Pinterest has to offer. Keep reading and you’ll see why!


The ever-growing list of features Pinterest rolls out just got bigger with the announcement of three new, impressive features Click To Tweet


Shop the Look

Shop the Look lets users tap certain areas/items within a pin to find where they can buy it or different ways it can be used. It’s just now being rolled out to everyone (all devices included: Android, iOS and desktop), but from early testing they discovered that Shop the Look pins:


  • Were saved 5 times more than pins without it
  • Received 3 to 5 times more engagement
  • Led to users visiting the brand’s site 2 to 3 times more often


You can see how they engineered and developed this technology here.


Related Ideas on Demand

Pinterest users will start to see a small circle (on phones) or a small overlaid, semi-transparent button (desktop) that appears on each pin in their feed. If they click it, their feed will instantly change and form new pins around the original one that relate to the original pin’s circle they clicked.


Pinterest LensBETA

Pinterest LensBETA will let users search Pinterest with their camera. Whatever the camera “sees” will be transformed into a search that returns results for what the lens is focused on.



Why is this such a big deal for you? It is. And don’t think you have to have a cutesy brand that appeals to mostly women or even one that’s highly visual. Lesya Liu from Entrepreneur says it perfectly (and gives some excellent advice on getting the most out of Pinterest, as well as setting the record straight and misconceptions about Pinterest):


“Although Pinterest looks like a cute platform, geared toward females, manicures and recipes, there is much more to it.” Click To Tweet


Let’s say you sell kitchen appliances. Now imagine someone capturing an appliance at a friend’s house that’s similar to yours. If you’ve been active on Pinterest, or even if other people have taken a liking to your products and posted them on Pinterest, there’s a chance your products will show up in that search… and now you’re in front of another potentially new customer.

Someone who is likely planning to make a purchase…


Image showing high buyer intent among Pinterest users


Buyer intent

Pinterest users aren’t just people browsing pretty pictures. Well, there are obviously some, but nearly 90% of them have made purchases because of Pinterest more than 90% have used the site to help plan for a future purchase.

Most of them aren’t afraid to pay for quality, either. If it’s something they love, cost is secondary. On average, they earn almost 10% more than non-Pinterest users. And you aren’t very likely to reach them through more traditional advertising, as they claim to not much into magazines, TV or shopping through catalogs.


It’s not just women anymore

When Pinterest first took off, users were primarily women. Which isn’t a bad thing, as they have a lot of buying power. But some types of companies don’t see women as their primary audience.

Maybe it’ll help to know that the misconception of Pinterest being a platform mainly for women definitely isn’t true? Nope. Not anymore. Men now account for 40% of new signups on Pinterest each month, which is more than double the percentage of what it was this time last year.


Men now account for 40% of new signups on Pinterest each month - more than 2x what it was this time last year Click To Tweet


It’s been less than six months since it was announced that Google’s ex-image search developer joined the Pinterest team. And Pinterest shows no sign of slowing down. Innovative adaptation and constant creativity keep this social media sharing platform moving forward and the benefits of Pinterest marketing just keep growing.


Is Pinterest marketing something you’ve tried? What was/is your experience with it? If not, is it something you’d be interested in doing and would like to see more about?

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