Why You Should Jump Start Your Email Marketing this Year


Nearly 30 years ago the internet was born and along with it came this new, weird way of communicating with people all around the world… many times with people you’ve never met. Email and chat rooms. Chat rooms have transformed into social media and chat applications.

But even in the overwhelming presence of social media, real-time conversations and live video it’s pretty impressive how email has held its ground over the years. Even when the naysayers all proclaim that email is dead, somehow it evolves and stays current. It may seem to be old-school from time to time, but then something happens and it’s all caught up again. Even in a time when virtual reality and machine learning are becoming household terms.


ROI and cost effectiveness

Even though it may seem as cutting-edge and cool to invest time and energy into email, or it may not be as easy to convince your boss it’s worth it is… I bet if you share with them the fact that, on average, businesses in the US get a $38 return for every dollar spent might turn the tables a bit. In fact, one in five companies see a $70 return on every dollar spent. If that’s not an ROI to be happy about, I don’t know what is.

It’s an effective means of spreading brand awareness, obtaining new customers and retaining customers in the long run. However, email is constantly changing and you’ll have to put some effort into it if you wanna get it right.


Mobile is a must

Making sure your emails look good on mobile devices isn’t just something that’d be nice to do. It’s something you have to do or you might as well just forget about email marketing. Over half of consumers surveyed said that if they open your email on their mobile device and it doesn’t look great they’ll simply delete it. And since over half of them also said that a marketing or retail email leads to one purchase or more per month, you obviously want them reading your email.


Millennials and email

You probably know how important it is to keep millennials in mind when sorting out your marketing plan. But you may also think that millennials are too sophisticated and attached to social media to worry about email. If so, think again. Nearly 90% of them check their email with their mobile and fun fact: 70% check their email while in bed, so… know your customers and know when they’re likely to be in bed and make a send time for then! It should be noted that email is actually and quite surprisingly, the preferred method of communication with you.


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