More Server’s For!!!

Hostwindians, as I am beginning to call the clients of who are getting the best unlimited web hosting on the internet. I have ANOTHER SURPRISE for you guys. We are launching more SERVERS!!! We are rolling out 2 more servers in the next 2 weeks to add to our already impressive LineUp! We will have a grand total of 8 Servers in Deployment after this latest launch. I have updated our Hostwinds Server Status Page to include all of the Servers we currently have in deployment. This next wave of servers is aimed toward our Virtual Private Server Hosting as well as our Unlimited hosting clients. This means that everyone is going to see some MAJOR speed increases on their websites. I have noticed that our Main Shared Server as well as our Main VPS server have been acting sluggish recently. This is probably due to the huge number of new orders we have seen. We are launching these other 2 new servers to take the load off of our Main VPS node as well as our Shared Server. These new servers make our old servers look like antiques! The new VPS Main Node Server has 4 cores, 16GB of RAM!!! (Talk about POWER!!!) The new Main Hostwinds Shared server has 8 Total Cores and 8 GB of RAM!!


Check out This picture!


Pretty soon we want to be filling up data centers like the one seen above.

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