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A Condensed View of the Hostwinds Affiliate Program Featured Image

A Condensed View of the Hostwinds Affiliate Program

by: Hostwinds Team  /  August 16, 2019

We have a saying over here at Hostwinds, "The Hostwinds Affiliate Program is so wonderful." What's that? You are questioning if that is an actual phrase used by the Hostwinds Team? We can't get anything past you! That said, the Hostwinds Affiliate Program is very fantastic.

Amusing Animal Fact to Change the Subject: Did you know that certain birds deal with crocodiles whereby the former clean out the excess food from the latter's teeth? The crocodile agrees not to eat the bird in exchange for the bird getting the gunk out of the croc's teeth. The bird decides not to scream bloody murder or cry relentlessly while cleaning the croc's teeth to receive some yummy snacks. Everybody wins!

An affiliate program works similarly.

Here's How: An individual or group of individuals promote a company's products and/or services in exchange for a commission payment from said company. The company gets its name out there more due to the promoter's advertising. The champion receives money from the company. Once again, everybody wins.

Hostwinds Affiliate Program Facts: According to our "Affiliates" Knowledge Base guide, the Hostwinds Affiliate Program is "free to join, easy to sign-up for and requires no technical knowledge."

We empower you to make money all on your own by giving you many free tools upon joining the program. That "Affiliate" guide backs this claim with the following details:

"As an affiliate, you will be provided with several ways to generate new leads and drive customers in our direction. You will be provided with an assortment of marketing materials, such as banner ads of your choosing, as well as email links. Hostwinds even provides training materials to help get you started as a bonus."

Can you say, "doable?"

In any case, if you would like to read the remainder of this Hostwinds guide, click the link below.


Throughout today's blog post, we will provide you with some valuable information about this "wonderful Hostwinds Affiliate Program."

What is an Affiliate? / What is the Hostwinds Affiliate Program?

Definition of Affiliate: An affiliate is someone who receives a commission from promoting a company's products and/or services. One would do this on their website or in a blog post, for instance.

Definition of Hostwinds Affiliate Program: "Members of this program will have the opportunity to earn income by leveraging their online presence to drive potential customers to Hostwinds. As a result of any new purchases, they receive a percentage of the profits as commission." Guess where that quote came from? You guessed it. The "Affiliate" Hostwinds guide!

Our Thoughts on What Your Main Objective Might be as a Hostwinds Affiliate:

Well, here's the obvious answer: To make money!

Here is the less obvious answer: To promote Hostwinds services on your website creatively that reflects your unique self.

Here is the First Step We Suggest Taking Upon Becoming a Hostwinds Affiliate:

Before doing anything else, ask yourself a couple of questions to set yourself up for success as a Hostwinds Affiliate.

Identify the following:


"Your readers or who you're marketing to. Who are they, and what are they interested in?

The product or service you're promoting. Why is it relevant? What connects it to them?


Our "Getting Started After Signing up for Hostwinds Affiliate Program" guide!

"For example, if you have a blog about coding or web design, you might want to promote dedicated servers or VPS hosting. These services have features that give them room to customize things to their liking and make it easier to handle multiple projects they might be working on."

What an outstanding example once again provided by our "Getting Started After Signing up for Hostwinds Affiliate Program" guide!

Click below to read more!

Getting Started After Signing Up For Hostwinds Affiliate Program

We'll continue to share more tips that can be found within this guide in just a little bit. As of right now, why don't we get to a few of the many benefits of joining Hostwinds' Affiliate Program?

Perks of the Hostwinds Affiliate Program

The first perk that comes to mind is how simple it is to accrue passive income after everything is set up as an Affiliate.

The second perk piggybacks on the first. It is straightforward to get things set up, and it is very inexpensive to do so. If you are ready to make fast, easy money without investing much here is your opportunity.

A Convenient Component of the Hostwinds Affiliate Program: You don't have to be a Hostwinds client in order to become an Affiliate!

Quick Question One Might Have About the Affiliate Program: How is an Affiliate's credit/commission tracked and/or calculated?

Quick answer Provided by Yet Another Pristine Hostwinds Knowledge Base Guide: "Your affiliate credit is tracked through the links, banners, and creatives provided to you within your affiliate dashboard. […] To successfully create a commission, a customer needs to follow your link through to our site, complete checkout, and purchase one of our hosting services. Once the purchase is complete, your account has credited the commission."

Here is the link that will direct you straight to that guide:

Tracking Affiliate Credit

Quick Personal Question: Is "Pristine Hostwinds Knowledge Base Guide" a bit biased to state?

Quick Assumption: Yes.

Quick Change of Subject: Now, we'll review various ways to maximize your prosperity as a Hostwinds Affiliate.

How to be a Successful Hostwinds Affiliate

First Tip in the Form of an Oscar Wilde Quote: "Be yourself; everyone else is already taken."

Make your promotions honest. In other words, be yourself when you market our services and do so in a genuine way that doesn't seem fake to your viewers.

Next, it would be wise to ready your affiliate links.

Getting Back to the "Getting Started After Signing up for Hostwinds Affiliate Program" Guide: "We have a variety of links to choose from, including text links, banner links, and even email links. You can also choose to create your custom links to send them to any page on our site or use keyword links that make it easier to track your campaigns."

Other advice from this guide includes the following:

"Plan Where You'll Promote Affiliate Offers."

"Don't Forget To Include Affiliate Disclosures."

"Monitor And Optimize Your Links"

"**Use Text Links (But Not Too Many!)**"

"**Cloak Your Links (Make Them 'Pretty')**"

Let's Address the "Don't Forget To Include Affiliate Disclosures" Part with Some Clarification:

When you provide an "Affiliate Disclosure," you are stating that you're getting paid every time your viewers buy something via clicking the link on your page. Affiliate disclosures are mandatory per FTC rules and regulations. You can add your affiliate disclosure to your site in any way you see fit.

Now Let's Address the "Cloak Your Links ('Make Them Pretty')" Part with an Example: We give you the tools to make your links look more aesthetically pleasing.

"Instead of a link that looks like:

Your pretty link would include your domain and something easier on the eyes, like:"

We Know What You're Thinking:

There are so many helpful guides to help Hostwinds Affiliates!

What We're Thinking:

That is so true! Once again, though, we may be a bit biased.

Now Let's Discuss Banner Blindness: Hostwinds' "Getting Started with Banner Ads" guide discusses "banner blindness." This results from banner ads being oversaturated on sites, thereby making them almost invisible to the consumer's eye. We are so used to ignoring banner ads because there are so many of them. Here is some advice about posting banners from the author of that "Getting Started with Banner Ads" guide:

"Contrary to what some may tell you, though, banners can still work well. The key is not overdoing it and making sure they're relevant to your site. Skip annoying flash-type banners, too."

Getting Started With Banner Ads

You are now ready to make tons of money as a Hostwinds Affiliate.

Become an Affluent Affiliate Today

We have a saying over here at Hostwinds, "Clean a crocodile's teeth to receive copious amounts of free food." What's that? You know for sure we don't say that? You're right. That was just put there for comedic purposes.

Before we go, we have another quick question for you.

Are You Wondering What the Payouts Look Like?

We don't blame you! Click below to review the phenomenal payouts we offer.


P.S. Believe it or not, folks, there are more Affiliate Program guides in our Knowledge Base to help you along the way. We highly recommend looking into them if you are a new Hostwinds Affiliate. Here are just a few:

How To Add Affiliate Links To WordPress

What Counts as a Valid Affiliate Referral?

Working With Your Hostwinds Affiliate Links

We'll close with another saying that we often use here at Hostwinds:

"Click below to join the Hostwinds Affiliate Program!"

To answer the question, you are likely asking yourself, no, the silliness never ends. Enjoy your imminent affluence, folks!

Written by Hostwinds Team  /  August 16, 2019