A Friendly New Breeze at Hostwinds

Clients of Hostwinds already know they’re being provided the best service for their hosting needs because they see that in action everyday. What clients don’t get to see is that they are also working with the best team.

The Hostwinds office is full of some of the most friendly, intelligent and down-right spunky staff you’ll find in this industry. So, to help bridge the gap between its beloved customers and brain-center, the company has brought on a new team member whose sole purpose is to provide a personal insight into the heart of Hostwinds.

 By the way, that lucky new team member is me! Consider me Hostwind’s friendly new breeze. I have the privilege of getting to know the ins-and-outs of this well-oiled machine you all know so well as Hostwinds and sharing it all with you. I’m going to be racking these guys’ brains for all the best hosting advice, site building tips and other great industry tutorials.

In addition to all the solid-content we’ll be providing you with, Hostwinds has decided to become the company with glass walls. They want their clients to see what an awesome organization they’re partnered with and also give them an outlet to connect.

 So, how are we going to do this? —Through the all-mighty power of social media. We’re making changes. We will be sharing daily all in the hopes that our clients are listening and connecting.

As much as Hostwinds wants to talk to its loyal customers, we want to hear from them even more. We hope to build a stronger community of Hostwinners through these outlets and we invite you now to check us out on our Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and Pinterest pages. Let’s get connected!

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