Arizona Man Sentenced to 20 Years for Cybercrimes

An Arizona man known by the online nicknames “Bad Man” and “Doctorsex” was sentenced to “20 years in federal prison for his role in the international cybercrime syndicate” known as “”, according to a recent article published by the Las Vegas Review-Journal. The article indicates that a Phoenix man, David Camez, was “found guilty of racketeering charges” on Thursday where he was also “ordered to share in the restitution of nearly $51 million and serve three years of supervised release after prison.”

According to the article, Camez is “the only one of 55 members charged in four separate 2012 indictments to go to trial” and it states that approximately “20 defendants have pleaded guilty.” The article indicates that Roman Zolotarev, Konstantin Lopatin – the Russian leaders of – and approximately “two-dozen defendants” are still at large. The report confirmed that this case is historic – marking it as the “first time the Justice Department has used federal racketeering statutes to go after a cybercrime syndicate.” The federal prosecutors in the case are very happy with the “tough sentence” given to Camez, according to reports.

Acting Assistant Attorney General of the Justice Department’s Criminal Division David O’Neil was quoted in the article to say, “Camez was a member of a vast criminal organization that facilitated rampant cyber fraud throughout the world. This organization is the new face of organized crime – a highly structured cyber network operated like a business to commit fraud on a global scale. Members, like Camez, paid to tap into the network and gain control of highly sensitive information, like compromised credit card numbers and stolen identities. Thanks to sophisticated law enforcement efforts, Camez will now pay for his crimes with decades in prison.

Read much more about this case in the full article at the Las Vegas Review-Journal and learn about how the federal government plans to deal with other “cybercrime syndicates” and punish them accordingly.



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