CA Transit Shutdown Blamed on Server Upgrade

Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) announced last week that a shutdown, causing an interruption of train service in the San Francisco Bay area, originated from issues with a computer server, according to a report. The report indicates that issues developed during a scheduled upgrade to a network server leading to the disruption.

BART issued a statement on the morning of Friday, November 22nd, which outlined the server upgrade which was to be executed 12 hours earlier on Thursday, according to the report. The upgrade ultimately began to impact the functionality of the servers and how they exchange information and the overall performance of the computer system the Operations Control Center and how it monitors train service.

The report indicates that on Thursday evening the central computer went offline causing the last scheduled trains to experience delays of approximately two hours. Train operators and maintenance personnel were forced to manually move and lock switches to respond to the interruption, according to the report. After long hours of work, BART determined that the issue was caused by the scheduled server upgrade. The server’s configuration was returned back to a point previous to the upgrade time and the problem stopped.

Read more details about the issue and how BART is dealing with their server issues in the original report here at

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