Chinese Government Claims U.S. Also Guilty of Hacking

A recent report released by the Chinese government states that the United States has engaged in “internet surveillance” which has reached “into the highest levels of its leadership and key national institutions“, according to a recent article published on the Wall Street Journal web site. The article indicates that the report, published by the China Internet Media Research Center, “described China as ‘a main target’ of U.S. secret surveillance.”

China’s report went on to say that “Washington has eavesdropped on its state leaders, scientific institutes, universities, enterprises, as well as most mobile phone users”, according to the Wall Street Journal. The article quoted a segment of the report which calls for “international condemnation of the U.S. and unspecified boycotts” as it says, “This behavior is a flagrant violation of international law, a serious human rights violation, threat to the global network security.”

According to the article, this 5,800-word report comes in the aftermath of the United States Justice Department indictment of  five People’s Liberation Army officers and accusations of their stealing “American corporate secrets” and “espionage” last week. These activities, according to the Wall Street Journal, have been repeatedly denied by the Chinese government.
The Chinese government has also announced that “backbone equipment for the Internet imported into China will face new levels of inspection for security risks“, according to the article.

Read more about these ongoing events in the full article – along with responses from both the U.S. and Chinese governments on the Wall Street Journal web site.

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