Choices: Virtual or Physical Servers

Lower costs, increased flexibility and many other positive options have caused many of the world’s businesses to adopt virtual server technology over recent years, according to an article written by Leo Hart for IT News Today. The article notes that some organizations still choose to maintain a “physical infrastructure” and remain steadfast in keeping it’s place in the IT world.

According to the article, the best option depends on a number of details that need to be determined by the organization. In the article Hart writes, “The choice between physical or virtual servers can depend on what your resources are as a business and what your goals are with your company. Understanding the differences in a physical or virtual infrastructure can help you to make a more informed choice for your business.

The article outlines a number of factors a business should consider before making a solid choice when purchasing a server type – including cost, performance and recovery. Hart adds, “The choice between a physical or virtual infrastructure depends on what your business is looking for in terms of cost, performance, backup and IT growth.

Read Leo Hart’s breakdown of these factors and his insights in the full article at IT News Today.

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