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Clarifying Hostwinds Reseller Web Hosting

by: Hostwinds Team  /  September 27, 2019

A little birdie asked our support team not too long ago to clarify the details concerning the Hostwinds Reseller Web Hosting Program. Funny enough, that little birdie happens to be multiple Hostwinds clients.

Guess what, little birdie? Do you want clarification? You got it! Our main objective is to ensure every client's hosting experience is nothing short of spectacular. As such, we are always more than happy to clear up any confusion about a service provided by Hostwinds.

To do our due diligence and shed some light on Reseller Web Hosting particulars as soon as possible, we won't beat around the bush any longer.

An Introductory Definition of the Hostwinds Reseller Web Hosting Program: This program entails accruing income by selling Hostwinds services. It is good to become a Hostwinds Reseller because it doesn't cost much to get started. You can easily make money selling hosting services without having any prior web hosting knowledge. Hostwinds stores, maintains, monitors, and manages the servers, so all you have to do is sell!

Who could pass up on that deal? We're just speculating, but our guess is, "No one!" After all, you know what they say, "Reduce, Reuse, Resell." What's that? That isn't quite how the saying goes? Be that as it may, reselling services certainly appears to be a fantastic alternative to building a company's infrastructure from the ground up.

What is Hostwinds Reseller Web Hosting?

As noted in our "Hostwinds White Label Reseller Overview" guide, "Standard Reseller works similarly to bulk-purchasing Basic Shared accounts and distributing them to your clients under the Hostwinds name." Exactly.

Hostwinds White Label Reseller Overview

Reseller Hosting empowers you to sell Hostwinds Shared Hosting services. The Reseller Program is designed to set up for success as you do so. Hostwinds offers bandwidth and disk space to entrepreneurs who want to sell our services to their clients.

Each time you click the green "Order Now" button on our website's Reseller Web Hosting page, you will receive:

  • One Shared Web Hosting Account with a Single cPanel Account

The Reseller Clarification Part: When you become a Hostwinds Reseller, only one cPanel account comes with each Shared Web Hosting account you purchase. Additionally, Hostwinds Reseller Plans do not include WHM access, so members of the Reseller Program do not have the option to create additional cPanel accounts using WHM.

Huge Perk of this Program: You get to decide your pricing.

Are you wondering who might generally become a Reseller? Wonder no more! Typically individuals such as website developers or technical bloggers would be more inclined to become Resellers. That being said, the Hostwinds Reseller Program was designed for anyone and everyone!

The following quote from the "Reseller Hosting Overview" Knowledge Base guide provides the perfect segway to our ensuing discussion of White Label Reseller Web Hosting:

"If a client of yours wishes to move to something more robust than the shared plan offerings, you can consider our White Label Reseller options to gain access to our entire line of products, save for a few select items. Keep in mind that moving to a VPS or a Dedicated server would require additional licensing costs to enable cPanel/WHM."

Reseller Hosting Overview

P.S. While we are on the topic of Knowledge Base guides, here are a couple more resources to review if you are interested in acquiring more information about the Hostwinds Reseller Program:

Reseller Center Overview

Limiting Reseller Accounts

What is the Hostwinds White Label Reseller Web Hosting Program?

Regarding the White Label Reseller Program, by and large, clients seem to grasp that which it involves. Nonetheless, in the interest of illuminating the difference between the Reseller and White Label Reseller Programs, we've whipped up a summary of the White Label Reseller Program's fundamental attributes.

When you become a White Label Reseller, it is as if you are the hosting provider, so Hostwinds logo/branding is not on anything you sell. As a result, all communication with your clients will be in your complete control, including but not limited to support and billing.

Although our savvy team of experts wouldn't provide direct assistance to your clients, the former is here for you 24/7/365 if you're ever uncertain about how to support your clients in certain instances. Furthermore, as stated above, Hostwinds takes care of technical matters, encompassing network performance to server security.

White Label Reseller Hosting also comes with a complimentary WHMCS (Web Host Manager Complete Solution) account to give White Label Resellers full control over their client orders, pricing, and custom-made hosting services.

Clarification In the Form of a Quote From A Hostwinds Support Team Agent: As a White Label Reseller, "Not only can you sell our products under your brand, but you can also use WHMCS to create your products; using our infrastructure." Thanks, Support Team Agent Ron! Ron went on to so eloquently state, "[…] Whereas Reseller Web Hosting allows you to sell Shared services under Hostwinds and does not include WHMCS or the ability to sell other products and services."

One more quote from Ron that explains how White Label Reseller Web Hosting differs from Reseller Web Hosting: With a White Label Reseller account, "You're controlling your hosting environment a lot more. It is designed for you to create your products and control your expenses that way."

That's where WHMCS comes in handy for the White Label Reseller Program. This program enables you to use Hostwinds' framework to sell services under your branding. You can add to the hosting services Hostwinds offers by creating your custom hosting service. Moreover, you can opt not to provide some of Hostwinds' services if you so choose.

The following hosting services are fair game to sell as a Hostwinds White Label Reseller:

  • Shared & Business Web Hosting Services
  • VPS Hosting Services
  • Add-Ons Relating to The Items Listed Above
  • Licenses Sold and/or Offered By Hostwinds

Now, you may be wondering, "Well, this sounds like a fantastic program, but where would I even start?" Great question, and we will refer to the "First Steps" section of the comprehensive "Getting Started with the White Label Plan" guide in order to give you a solid answer:

"After purchasing the White Label hosting plan, you will receive an email that will contain some basic information about your new White Label plan. This will include credentials to access the cPanel account for the hosting (where you will be able to store files that pertain to the site you will be reselling from), as well as the nameservers and IP of the hosting plan to point your domain to the new plan."

Getting Started With The White Label Reseller Service

Now, you may be wondering, "How does the White Label Reseller program even work?" Once again, a great question! We will now refer to the "Hostwinds White Label Reseller Overview" guide to give you another solid answer:

"Step One: Your clients will visit your site and purchase hosting at the price you set

Step Two: A matching order will then be placed with Hostwinds at standard service pricing

Step Three: You will pay Hostwinds for the order minus the discount, as shown in the image below

Step Four: You then keep the difference as profit"

P.S. Click the link below to receive a stripped-down summary of Hostwinds White Label Reseller Web Hosting:

Hostwinds White Label Reseller Simplified Overview

P.P.S. If you are ready to create your own Hostwinds services in WHMCS, click the link below to receive step-by-step instructions as to how to do so:

How To Create Hostwinds Products As A White Label Reseller

Now, you may be wondering, "Do I have déjà vu right now?" due to the constant repetition within this blog post. You're right. Why don't we skip the redundancy and get to the heart of the matter?

If you are ready to join the Hostwinds Reseller Web Hosting Program, click the link below!

If you think the White Label Reseller Web Hosting Program is more suitable for you, click the link below to join.

As good luck would have it, we're nearing the end of this Reseller Web Hosting Program breakdown. It is that time to conclude once again, friends.

Why We Suggest Becoming a Hostwinds Reseller

Bottom line: All things considered, you really can make good money reasonably quickly as a Hostwinds Reseller. That's always nice! Another nice perk is receiving a control panel along with some helpful website-building tools. All that coupled with 24/7/365 assistance from our Live support team makes Hostwinds Reseller Web Hosting a worthwhile investment. On top of everything else, we promise your clients will be happy with the fast and dependable hosting provided by Hostwinds. In essence, Hostwinds Reseller Hosting is next to none because it gives you have the potential to earn substantial amounts of money with ease!

Written by Hostwinds Team  /  September 27, 2019