Email Hack Prompts AOL to Change Policy

An attack from hackers early this week has prompted internet icon America Online (AOL) to make major changes to their email services, according to an article published by The Hosting News. The article indicated that their decision to change their DMARC policy – a method of email authentication, that is a way to mitigate email abuse – aims to protect “customers from unauthorized use of their account” and users “against spoofing and future hacking attacks.”

A blog post published by AOL was quoted in the article to say, “Mail sent on behalf of AOL Mail users to DMARC-compliant domains will be rejected by those domains unless the mail passes SPF and/or DKIM authentication checks AND the domain(s) used in those checks match We recognize that some legitimate senders will be challenged by this change and forced to update how they send mail and we sincerely regret the inconvenience to you.

The article indicates that many of AOL’s users began to report that “their AOL Mail had been hacked“, some “complaining about spam messages being sent from their account” and other members of the service reporting that their email accounts “had sent spoofed messages to their contact book.” The report stated that “sources close to the company” had received information leading them to “believe that less than 1 percent of AOL customers were impacted by the hack.”

Read more about the impact that this event had on America Online in the full article and if it could ripple into their future business plans for better security.

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