Expert Declares Cyber Criminals Immune from Punishment

A renowned and respected security researcher made a controversial declaration that “eastern European cyber criminal gangs” –  who recently breached security and attacked Target and other retailers – are “relatively safe from arrest and prosecution“, according to an article published by SC Magazine. The article indicates that Nart Villeneuve, the reported researcher, what quoted in the article to say, that “eastern Europe is clearly a trouble spot” and revealed that “cyber crime gangs are even joining together in networks known as ‘Partnerkas’, with little risk of prosecution”.

Former Met Police Computer Crime Unit detective Adrian Culley – currently a global security consultant with Damballa – is an advocate for Villeneuve’s viewpoint and has said that “the industry is rife with rumours that Russian organised crime groups have been offered immunity from prosecution by the Russian authorities, as long as they do not attack Russian citizens“, according to the article.

The article indicates that a social media post authored by Villeneuve announced that “the Target breach“, a cyber-theft of approximately “40 million customer payment card details” was successfully “tracked to an individual – known online as ‘ree4 – believed to be operating from Ukraine.” He added, as quoted in the article, that “the stolen card data is already being sold on underground Russian-language forums.” The article relays their opinions by stating that the individuals involved in this type of activity include “service providers who operate bulletproof’ hosting and botnets.

Read much more about these declarations and opinions about prosecution efforts in the full article here at SC Magazine.

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