Experts Investigate Massive Credit Card Data Stealing Claim

Experts in “cyber-security” are currently investigating a group called “Anonymous Ukraine” after their recent announcement boasting that they had “seized information related to 800 million U.S. credit and debit card accounts“, according to an article published in the American Banker’s Bank Technology News. The group, according to the report, claims to have successfully obtained the data belonging to “hundreds of millions” of accounts including those of “President Obama and other political heavyweights” but officials are questioning the truth behind the announcement.

The article indicates that Anonymous Ukraine stated that they “want to harm the U.S. economy” in an announcement last week. Risk Based Security and Battelle, the two security firms assigned to investigate this case, have confirmed that they are “unable to verify that 800 million accounts, including those of the VIPs, have been compromised“, according to the American Banker report. The article states that “many of the records” shown by this group as evidence of a successful breach includes information that is “incomplete, out of date or fraudulent” according to the investigators.

Ernest Hampson, Technical Director for Battelle’s Cyber Intelligence and Counterintelligence Group was quoted in the article to say, “I would continue watching posts from the group, and checking their data dumps for validity. It’s really important to keep an eye on your enemy, find out what they’re interested in, what their motivation is, what their capabilities are. You have to have somebody out there watching the adversarial groups, watching inside these forums where they gather, and discuss and trade research back and forth, and discover where they’re going next before they get there.” Authorities say they know little about Anonymous Ukraine but, according to the article, some suspect that these claims may come from “a Russian group aiming to stir trouble between Ukraine and the U.S.” as the crisis continues in the region.

Read more about the investigations behind these claims, the Anonymous Ukraine and the concerns of security authorities in the full American Banker report.

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