Experts Say Cyber Crime Top Threat in 2014

According to a recent article published by IT Wire, intelligence gathered by technology industry experts confirms that both “cyber crime and financial crime” will be top priority threats in 2014. BAE Systems Detica, an information intelligence solutions firm, is convinced that “the single biggest issue that will hit organizations in 2014 will be the rise of digital criminality” demanding that the fight to combat against such threats be of major importance, according to the article.

Richard Watson, BAE Systems Detica Managing Director, commented in the article that his company sees this increase clearly “as fraud becomes increasingly cyber enabled.” Watson was quoted in the article to say, “That means we’ll see digital-savvy criminals using cyber and fraud techniques simultaneously to carry out far more complex crimes than ever before.

Continuing later in the article, Watson was quoted to say,“The most cutting-edge financial crime as we move into 2014 will be cyber enabled financial fraud. Financial institutions, such as payment and card processors, are under sustained and sophisticated attack.” He clarified reality in the article by adding, “just as ‘cyber’ has become an essential part of the modern legitimate business – criminals also recognise and understand the vulnerabilities of those channels.”

Read more about what priorities experts feel should be put at the top of the list in combating these threats and how every organization should prepare for the battle in the full article here at IT Wire online.

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