Experts Say Dedicated Hosting Will Drive Company Growth

Hybrid cloud services are projected to be a serious driver of future company growth as seen by approximately sixty-percent of hosting company officers, according to an article recently published by the Web Host Industry Review. The article indicates that this data was released by Cowen and Company’s semi-annual Hosting Survey Report which looks at growth expectations from a small sample of private hosting companies.

The Hosting Survey Report clarifies that even though competitive, the hosting industry has definitely increased over the years, according to the article.  It states that now with cloud services as a part of their plans, many hosting companies report thriving business. The article notes, “While 70 of respondents believe that in the past six months competition has increased, 20 percent said that the continued adoption of public cloud offerings has meaningfully helped private cloud or dedicated hosting growth. Fifty-percent said it slightly helped growth, and a further 20 percent said it had no impact.

According to the article, the report continues to predict, “While the SMB market will continue to be a focus for many providers, as enterprise IT requirements continue to evolve, we would expect an increasing amount of hosting providers will decide there is a large enough opportunity to also begin targeting them with their hosting services.”

Read more about the Hosting Survey Report and it’s predictions for the marketplace here in the full article at the Web Host Industry Review website.

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