FBI Announces Stern Plan to Battle Cyber Crime

Officials from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) estimate that “searches, indictments and multiple arrests” will occur “over the next several weeks” as a result of the organization’s aggressive battle against cyber criminals, according to an article recently published by Reuters. This type of response is expected as we see a significant increase in criminal activity in our online world and repeated reports of cyber attacks against our businesses, organizations and individuals.

The FBI‘s Executive Assistant Director of the Criminal, Cyber, Response, and Services Robert Anderson was quoted in the article saying, “There is a philosophy change. If you are going to attack Americans, we are going to hold you accountable. If we can reach out and touch you, we are going to reach out and touch you.” He commented in the article that a philosophy like this would begin to display “a much more offensive side” to the FBI‘s cyber crime program which he began to lead in March of this year. Anderson feels, according to information in the article, that a larger number of cyber criminals will be “arrested under his watch, rather than turned into sources of knowledge about how the underground operates.”

Anderson’s mention regarding the “unreported indictment” of Russian national Dimitry Belorossov – arrested after “running a botnet that attacked some 7,000 Americans” – shows the “recent success in the agency’s battle against cyber crime“, according to the article. Anderson’s commented that the Belorossov case “was relatively small compared to some that are in the FBI‘s pipeline” but his arrest prompted the Russian government to release a warning to their citizens “to be careful traveling to countries having extradition treaties with the United States“, according to the article. Anderson was also quoted in the article to say,”There’s a lot of countries that will not extradite. That will not stop us from pressing forward and charging those individuals and making it public.”

Read more about how the FBI plans on turning up the heat  in the full article and what this means for a world filled with hackers and cyber criminals.

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