FBI Says Cyber Crime is Their Number One Fight

A recent article published by CBS News in Chicago indicates that cyber-crime has become the “number one fight” of  United States government law enforcement agencies and taking a lead position over it’s arch enemy – terrorism. The cyber-crime fightingbusiness” costs “billions of dollars a year” since the main enemy “targets everyone from big banks, to big brother, to you“, according to comments from Brad Edwards, the author of the report.

In the article, Edwards speaks with Chicago-based FBI agent Tim Hearl and examines the facts related to this accelerating issue and, as the report states, “exposes the risks you may not even realize you face.” Admitting that “it’s a catch up game to catch cyber criminals“, the report quotes Hearl to say, “The bad guys will always be a half a step ahead. The cyber-threat will overtake and be our number one priority moving forward.” He continues by saying in the report that the worst threats are “Zero day attacks.” He notes in the article that  for most organizations, “it will take months before they realize there’s been a compromise to their system.”

The article outlines the recent epidemic of retail attacks, financial organization breaches – which include “253 financial institutions hacked with untold amounts of money gone” and personal attacks on the consumer – people just like you. The report does not forget to mention the arrest of Romanian hacker Guccifer who was “arrested for breaking into e-mail accounts of Obama administration officials.” Hearl reportedly adds in the article that “tens of thousands of attempted cyber-attacks happen every day” which includes attacks “against our infrastructure, water systems, electrical grids, telecommunication and banking.” The article states that because of these ongoing issues, threats and breaches, federal law enforcement  is “devoting more money and resources to fight cyber threats.

Read more about this ongoing concern and read what tips the FBI has for all potential victims of cyber-crime in the full article at CBS News Chicago.

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