Feds Offer Standards to Improve Cyber Security

A “final version of standards” was released on February 12th by the federal government with the goal to “help companies in nationally critical industries better defend against cyber attacks“, according to an article published on the Reuters web site.  The article indicates that with this release of “standards” security officials from the United States government are faced with the additional challenge of “getting the private sector to adopt the voluntary measures.”

These standards have been “criticized for being too vague and toothless“, according to the report, and has transformed “a vast amount of industry input”  into a list of “guidelines designed for 16 different sectors” – including food, agriculture, energy and transportation – “whose disruption could be devastating to the country.” The article notes that the “so-called cybersecurity framework” – released by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) – appears “exactly one year” following an executive order issued by President Obama which commanded them “to compile voluntary minimum cybersecurity standards as one step to counter the lack of progress on cybersecurity law in Congress.”

The article quotes President Obama to say, “While I believe today’s Framework marks a turning point, it’s clear that much more work needs to be done to enhance our cybersecurity. I again urge Congress to move forward on cybersecurity legislation that both protects our nation and our privacy and civil liberties.” He continued in the article and was also quoted to say, “Meanwhile, my Administration will continue to take action, under existing authorities, to protect our nation from this threat.

Read more about the standards released by NIST in the full article at Reuters and learn what may be suggested in the future for the private sector.

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