Fourth of July Festivities at HostWinds

As the HostWinds family is spread across many continents on this amazing globe, the HostWinds team finds itself working within many different times zones and on their respective holidays. Because of our commitment to our customer service, unlike many American companies, HostWinds did not cut-out of the office early or close the doors on the Fourth of July.

However, as we are an American-based organization and filled with only the highest respect for our men and women and their service given to protect the freedoms we enjoy here, we did manage to find our own little way to celebrate our country’s Independence Day!

We made a quick run to the Fireworks stand!


Then, we lit ’em up and ran for cover!



Evan lighting



“Peter, our founder and CEO, as Lady Liberty.”

Peter - Statue of Liberty

Thank you again to all those who have served this country! We had a great time serving our clients and enjoying our freedoms on the 4th this year and look forward to next year’s festivities!

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