Front-Line Imaginative Interviews, Ideas, & Inquiries Pt. 1

Butterflies of Dragonflies

The Hostwinds Front-Line Team is such a diverse mix of intelligent and earnest people. I know that’s a big statement and I know I’ve expressed some derivative of that in a previous blog post or two, however, it happens to be true. Each team member has something unique about them and it’s time the clients that comprise a fundamental part of the Hostwinds Family get to know this bunch of support rock stars!

The Hostwinds Team wants our clients to understand that we aren’t robots. In other words, it is important that our clients know we give them everything we’ve got in regard to customer support. With this in mind, we decided it would be nice to give you a bit more information about our company, products, and services in a fun way. Thus, (*dramatic pause*) the “Front-Line Imaginative Interviews, Ideas, & Inquiries” blog series was born! Hostwinds will be publishing a blog post every other week that includes a funny and simultaneously informative interview with one of our Front-Line Team members. We’ll kick this blog series off with an interview with Hostwinds’ very own Director of Front-Line Operations 1. Because he’s seen it all 2. Because he knows his stuff 3. Because he’s the fearless leader (…and because he’s hilarious).


About Our Director of Front-Line (FL) Operations

Hostwinds’ Director of Front-Line Operations manages and trains every single Front-Line expert and does an excellent job at that. He’s taught all our Front-Line representatives how to do their jobs in the most effective way in the same way a good parent would teach their child how to ride a bike. The Director of FL Operations didn’t do any of the work for anyone in training, but he was always there when they were stuck and he made sure they didn’t feel discouraged by guiding them to the right answer. It is refreshing to know someone has your back as you learn new things and explore new arenas.

Here at Hostwinds, it is important to everyone on our team that we do things the right way and don’t take shortcuts. We take extra steps to make absolutely certain that we know all there is to know about Hostwinds so we can give our clients extraordinary customer support and guidance. The Director of FL Operations sets the tone for all of us by setting a great example for us every single day.

Furthermore, I personally ask him a bunch of questions every single week and not only does he always have the answer, but he is also always happy to be there for support. He supports every single member of our Front-Line team in the same manner. Hmmmm, what else? He ironically hates puns, which, if you’ve read any of the previous blog posts written by me, you’ll know is absolutely hilarious because these blog posts are chock-full of the silliest puns you’ve ever seen. While interviewing the Director, I collected some really fascinating information about Hostwinds that may interest or help you. I also collected some really funny information that made me L.O.L. and L.O.L. some more!


(*Suspenseful Music*) The Interview

1. What is the best part of hosting with Hostwinds?


Director of FL Operations: There are many areas that set Hostwinds apart from the rest, so that question is difficult to narrow it down.  I am very impressed with our Business Hosting service and how it is lightning fast, and very capable. I also do really, really like the Hostwinds Cloud Portal. It is improving constantly and always getting better and better.  All our Cloud Servers come standard with both IPv4 and IPv6. We also offer a large library of operating systems and application templates to choose from. Users can take snapshots of their server with a click of a button to create the perfect backup of their server in its present state. These snapshots can be used to create new Cloud Servers with the same configuration as their snapshotted server. All our web hosting services are incredible and are always improving, so there is a lot to like.


2. What is the best part of being a Hostwinds employee?

Director of FL Operations: Our Front-Line Team gets to take care of and assist our clients directly and it’s a unique opportunity for us as a business to be able to keep our clients’ best interest top of mind at all times. Every interaction via Live Chat, Email, and Phone support gives us an opportunity to make an impression on our clients that they tell their friends about. Plus we’re also really smart, very capable, and we work really hard. Everyone on our FL Team is incredibly intelligent and each of us has the opportunity to help our clients in many different ways.


3. What are the most commonly asked questions the Front-Line Team receives from clients?

Director of FL Operations: There is such a wide array of questions that we receive from basic billing questions, to what services are best for specific clients, to technical questions about their Hostwinds services. The inquiries we receive range from simple to highly advanced technical support questions and there is never a dull moment. There is tremendous variety and we have the skills and desire to help our clients in any way that we possibly can.

To take that question on step further, and demonstrate how our support is great, here is a good example. Let’s say a client asks us a question or there is something that will help our clients in a specific way with our Cloud Portal, our Unmanaged services, or our Managed services. We take the time to create high-quality Knowledge Base guides to help them out. This allows us to learn and also assist other clients if they are experiencing similar issues in the future.


4. If you had a catchphrase, what would it be?

Director of FL Operations: “Every client interaction is an opportunity for our team to absolutely WOW our clients with quick, friendly, and helpful support.”


5. Have you ever cried while watching a movie? If so, what movie?

Director of FL Operations: This is the one I had to put some thought into. I don’t watch movies often because I spend a lot of my time learning new things. It’s actually a show, but I can see how every episode would make someone want to cry uncontrollably like a little tiny baby. It’s the show This is Us. A TV series like that comes along once in a generation. They are able to capture moments and emotions using their camera lens in a truly artful manner. The show is captivating and it allows me to see things in a very beautiful way.


6. Is there something awesome about Hostwinds products and/or services that you think the public should know?

Director of FL Operations: There are a lot of awesome services they should know and we can answer any questions that they do have about Hostwinds features like our migration services, our dedicated IP Addresses, our incredible support, our intelligent turnkey applications, quick Operating System reinstallations, our Snapshot Backups, and creating a new template from a Snapshot Backup for any new server you want to create. Furthermore, our Cloud platform was created IN-HOUSE and it is simple to use. It allows for seamless upgrades, gives users full control, provides enterprise firewall, and gives clients the ability to quickly add additional volumes and object storage containers. Your server’s network is also blazingly fast with every Cloud Server having a 1GBPS connection speed. There are just so many products and services that we are proud to offer, but we really and truly have super solid products and I’m incredibly honored to support them. 


7. Dragonflies or butterflies?

Director of FL Operations: I love them both. Butterflies, for their journey and the end result of their metamorphosis, and dragonflies, simply because they have the word dragon in them and I really do like dragons in all forms.


8. Any sneak peeks or spoiler alerts for future Hostwinds evolution?

At this time, I can tell you that the Hostwinds Team is working tirelessly on some really cool improvements that will make our clients’ experiences even better in the future. Stay tuned and get excited! Oh wait, this isn’t about me! Here is the Front-Line Director’s response to the question:

Director of FL Operations: There is so much for us as a company for us to look forward to and for our clients. It’s an incredible time to be here and have this opportunity. The future is very bright. Our clients and employees are really in for a treat in the coming months.


Catchphrases Aside…

The Hostwinds Team is honest, joyful, and real. We provide excellent customer support in every interaction we have with our clients. We find our work to be important and we find meaning in assisting our clients who have stood by us and made it to this awesome point with us in Hostwinds’ history. Visit our social media pages to learn more about what makes Hostwinds Hostwinds and to check out some informative information applicable to web hosting.





I’ll sign off with my catchphrase (*serious/deep voice*), “Peace, Fam. Peace.”

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