Goodwill Industries Most Recent Victim of Hackers

The customer credit-card database of the job training and employment placement non-profit organization Goodwill Industries has been breached by hackers, according to an article recently published on the Consumer Affairs website. The article indicates that “fraudulent credit-card purchases” have been tracked to credit card accounts linked to “Goodwill stores in at least 21 different states” but details released from original reports “remain sketchy.”

According to the article, “fraudulent charges” made with the credit card accounts have been connected to “major supermarkets or big-box retail stores” and each have “common point of purchase” in states including  California, Florida, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Texas and many more. The report states that this breach may have existed since “the middle of 2013” but experts are not certain of a specific timeline. Goodwill warns in the article that if customers have made purchases with a “credit, debit or money card” in during the past year “account information might be in the hands of identity thieves” and “you might still be at risk.”

Goodwill announced in the article by stating, that they “were notified  last Friday afternoon [July 18] by a payment card industry fraud investigative unit and federal authorities informing us that select U.S. store locations may have been the victims of possible theft of payment card numbers. … Goodwill Industries International is working with industry contacts and the federal authorities on the investigation.

Read more details about this breach in the full article and learn more what Goodwill intends to do in response to this serious threat against it’s customer base.

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