Google to Payout $3M at Hacker Contest

Google recently announced that it will host a contest called “Pwnium” which will compensate computer hackers to can successfully “find and exploit its computer software Chrome OS“, according to an article published on the Zolmax News website. The article states that the California-based company is planning on paying “up to a total of $3 million” out to “hackers putting their skills together attempting to hack into the ACER Chromebook C720 or Chromebook 11 from Hewlett Packard.”

Google plans on holding the contest in March in Vancouver, Canada at the CanSecWest security conference, which, according to the report, will see individual pay-outs of “$150,000 and $110,000 prizes” during the event. The article indicated that according to Google, the contestants “must compromise the computer in such a way through an Internet page that the computer is under their control even following a reboot” to be awarded $150,000. To win $110,000 the successful hacker must “compromise a Chrome OS through an Internet page“, according to the report.

Google’s total payout of $2.71828 million, according to the report, refers to the “mathematical constant” which is very important to someone who is in the business of “writing algorithms.” The company hopes that the ultimate result of this contest – as those they have held in the past – is to “find the holes in their security and present them upfront to the company, instead of disturbing users and the Internet giant through hacks at any random time“, according to the article.

Read more about the upcoming Google “hacker competition” in the full article at the Zolmax News website and feel how the recent problem with hacking that has left other companies and retailers looking for answers to combat this issue.

Google Offers $3 million to Hackers

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