Hacker Raid Forces EBay to Ask Users to Change Passwords

Online auction giant EBay Inc announced that because of a raid by hackers in February and March of 2014 it has advised it’s large user base to change their passwords, according to an article published on the Reuters web site. The article indicates that the hacking attack against their network three months ago – which compromised a large part of approximately 145 million user records – is positioned to be known “as one of the biggest data breaches in history.EBay is now moving forward and logically making decisions based on the gravity of this invasion and has further advised it’s customers “to be on the alert for fraud, especially if they used the same passwords for other accounts”, according to Reuters.

EBay announced to their customers that their user passwords “were among the pieces of data stolen” but advised that these credentials were “encrypted” and that they “had no reason to believe the hackers had broken the code that scrambled them“, according to the article. EBay spokeswoman Amanda Miller was quoted in the article to say,”There is no evidence of impact on any eBay customers. We don’t know that they decrypted the passwords because it would not be easy to do.” Miller added that the attackers had copied a large portion of the records which included – in addition to passwords – “email addresses, birth dates, mailing addresses and other personal information“, according to the article.

According to the article, EBay said that no financial data was compromised and confirmed that they have “not seen any indication of increased fraudulent activity on its flagship site and that there was no evidence its PayPal online payment service had been breached.” When Miller was asked why EBay had not alerted their customers of this attack immediately, she was quoted in the article to say, “We worked aggressively and as quickly as possible to insure accurate and thorough disclosure of the nature and extent of the compromise.” Unfortunately for EBay, according to the report, it is possible that this security breach will be now known “as the second-biggest in history at a U.S. company.”

Read more about this massive breach in the full article and how EBay plans to move forward, lick their wounds and calm the minds of their users.


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