Reports Say World Cup Web Sites Already Hacked

A number of hackers report that they have successfully initiated cyberattacks against World Cup sponsor Hyundai and websites linked to the Brazilian-hosted soccer tournament, according to an article recently published on the Reuters web site. The article indicates that “dozens of Brazilian websites” including those operated by “state government” have been attacked according to statements quoted in the article from “a member of the Anonymous hacker collective.

The hacker, an individual known as Che Commodore, was quoted in the article to say, “We had a busy last few days and there is more still to come. Companies and institutions that work with a government that denies the basic rights of its people in order to promote a private, exclusive and corrupt sports event will be targeted.”  He added that hackers have “defaced” government websites and have also used Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) on these and “companies partnering with the World Cup organization.

The article states that security experts released warnings regarding “Brazil’s lack of infrastructure” and alerted “awareness to withstand computer attacks.” All these statements are concerning to the operations team and management of the 32-nation soccer tournament which began on June 12th, according to the article. Noting the reality of “Brazil’s weak cyber defenses“, William Beer, one of Alvarez & Marsala’s cyber security analysts was quoted in the article to say, “Even though people are starting to realize there are problems, a lot of sites have probably already been attacked and are infected. Now it is not so much a question of if but when they will be brought down.

Read more in the full article about the serious concerns surrounding Brazil and how the success and stability of this event may be in the hands of hackers.

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