Hackers Steal 500K Euro from European Bank

Security researchers at Kaspersky Lab recently discovered a breach at a European bank where hackers “drained” approximately “€500,000 from more than 190 customers” accounts, according to a recent article published on the Computer Weekly website. According to the report, the theft, codenamed “Luuuk” by Kaspersky, “is believed to have been running for a week when the C&C server was discovered.” Kaspersky did not announce the name of the bank, according to the article, but confirmed that “amounts stolen ranged from €1,700 to €39,000.

The article indicated that researchers at the security firm revealed that “most of the victims were in Italy and Turkey” according to the logs from the command and control (C&C) server the hackers used in the attack.  The Computer Weekly report notes that “the C&C server was shut down and wiped” within two days of discovery. Unfortunately, Kaspersky feels that the “shut down” may be a “change in infrastructure rather than the end of the operation.

Kaspersky‘s principal security researcher Vicente Diaz was quoted in the article to say, “Soon after we detected this C&C server, we contacted the bank’s security service and the law enforcement agencies, and submitted all our evidence to them“. The research team believes, according to the article, that the attackers “intercepted financial data and carried out fraudulent transactions” immediately following the login of online bank customers using a technique known as “man-in-the-browser“. Diaz was also quoted in the article to say, “On the C&C server we detected, there was no information as to which specific malware program was used in this campaign.”

Read more about Kaspersky‘s research in the full article, learn about the impact of this type of breach and what experts feel will be the next steps of attackers.

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