Hackers Warn of Attacks on Olympic Supporters

The hacking group Anonymous Caucasus has posted warnings that “cyber attacks” could be used to act against “any company that finances or supports the Sochi Olympics“, according to a recent article published on the NBC News website. The article stated that the group declared it’s position on Twitter by confirming that “it had called on its members to take action against Sochi-related sites, using the hashtags #paybackforsochi and #opsochi.

According to the NBC article, the United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team, a section of Homeland Security, has released a security bulletin warning that “the winter games could be used by ‘hacktivists’ seeking to take advantage of the large audience to spread their own message.” The article indicates that those in attendance at the Sochi games using various communication methods “will likely have their communications monitored.” Announcements by the Department of  Homeland Security further state that “cyber criminals may use the games way to spread malware or phishing scams to sports audiences around the world“, according to the article

The Russian “national games committee” was taken offline on Wednesday after a denial of service (DDOS) attack hit “Internet sites related to the games“, as stated by the article. In addition to these issues, the article indicates that the Russian National Olympic Committee web site – Olympic.ru – was “unavailable for a time and appeared to have been targeted in the action.” Also, as the report indicates, social media was flooded by “online postings from some hackers”  protesting reports of the “killing of stray dogs at Olympic venues earlier this week as media and athletes arrived for the games.” These targeted web sites saw messages lead with a statement that the article quoted to say, “We warned you Russia.”

Read more about these warnings and the concerns that U.S. and Russian officials have now that the games are beginning in Sochi in the full article at NBC News.


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