Happy 4th of July from Hostwinds

So many things are changing within the structures of Hostwinds these days. Our focus is still the same, though – to provide the best customer experience for every single client. We know that is one of the very few things that separate one web host from another. We really care about our clients, which is one reason why we have this blog in the first place!

We at Hostwinds are celebrating our 4th of July right here in the office. We’ll all come into work at the same time, and everything will be relatively the same. Except, instead of focusing on extra projects (we’ll still do tickets, I promise)… we’re hosting a Starcraft II LAN party! Four technicians. One CEO. Who will win in this epic battle?!

Expect an update from us later today as we post screenshots and the status of the tournament! The winner is donned the King of Hostwinds, and gets a $25 Gift Card.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you all have a wonderful 4th of July. For those of you not in America, well, there’s no harm in wishing you a great Wednesday, is there?

-Daniel M



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