Hello Hostwinners!

Time once again for the weekly update!

This week has been quite the busy one for all of us. We have been putting a lot of focus into how we are going to grow as a company and as employees. Our client-employee relationships need to stay in tact for us to continue growing at the rate we are – and we know that!

Yesterday we purchased a whiteboard and office supplies for our humble downtown Tulsa offices, which has really helped for writing down ideas in regards to the aforementioned growth.

More work on our infrastructure is being done by our developer which should increase the speed and efficiency of how we answer support tickets and help our clients. Approximately 7.2 polar bears have been saved by this update.

It’s our CEO’s birthday today, so everyone give him some love in the comments! We celebrated here at the office by going out to a nice lunch. Peter Holden turns a whopping 231 this 20th of July, 2012.

Thank you all for your continued support of Hostwinds, we really owe our growth to you. I wish ya’ll a happy weekend!

-Daniel M

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