HostingCon Conference Promises to Heat Up Miami

Turn Up the Heat” will be the theme of this year’s HostingCon, the annual conference and trade show dedicated to the web hosting and cloud industry, according to an article published by The Web Hosting Industry Review. The article indicates that this year’s conference, to be held in Miami, Florida from June 16-18, promises to accelerate “ideas and insights into innovation, strategic vision, and new revenue opportunities.

Philbert Shih, the program director for the conference, was quoted in the article to say, “The hosting and cloud industry continues to grow and mature and the sector has never been healthier. But at the same time, the industry is undergoing some significant change. Hosters have never before faced such intense competition and the likes of Google, Microsoft and especially Amazon, are increasingly making their presence felt in the competitive landscape. This has forced the entire industry to look for new ways to become more efficient, innovate, and drive new revenues. Complacency will leave laggards behind, and those who turn up the heat will continue to have impact.

The article indicates that this conference is “the only North-American event specifically created for hosting and cloud providers.” The conference organizers also promote this event as an “unbiased platform for presenting the best networking, thought leadership, non-sponsored education, and value-added revenue solutions“, according to the article. The article states that approximately “1,900 hosting and cloud provider decision makers from more than 34 countries” are expected to be in attendance for this event.

Read more about HostingCon and the programs promised to educated and enlighten the professionals in attendance here at the full article.

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