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Part of being a Hostwinds staff member is coming up with new and improved ways to make each client’s hosting experience easier and more convenient. That’s exactly how our in-house Cloud Control Panel came to fruition. Our dedicated team strives to provide extra support for clients throughout every facet of their hosting journeys.

Add-on services are just one of the many ways we give clients a helping hand. This blog post will outline exactly what those add-on services entail and how to get started with each!

Anyone and everyone could benefit from backing up their important data, so we will begin with our nightly backups add-on service.

What Are Nightly Backups?

Nightly backups, or cloud backups, are what enable you to remotely store information in the cloud that was previously housed on your local device. Such backups are very useful because they keep your data and files safe and sound even if an issue occurs with your local computer. The nice thing about cloud backups is that you can access any of them at any time from any browser.

Note: You may hear a cloud backup being referred to as a remote or online backup. Those are just different names for the same thing.

What is the Cloud?

The cloud is essentially a giant virtual melting pot full of different data storing and transfering methods.

Why are Cloud Backups Important?

Well, just to name a few things:

  • Restoring lost information
  • Just in Case = Disaster recovery
  • Scalability Purposes = ever-expanding storage capabilities
  • Backups can free up space on your local device
  • They save you money if you choose cloud backups as opposed to other kinds of backups
  • Cloud backups are really easy to access and manage
  • You have access to cloud backups anytime
  • You get to choose how long you keep your backups
  • Data encryption
  • Avoiding data being lost of messed with as a result of local device outages
  • Smooth and seamless performance for other software running on your device
  • They are very dependable

Cloud backups are very useful for businesses because they are not only susceptible to losing data if they have compiled copious amounts of it over the years, but they are also susceptible to data corruption and/or hacking as well. Cloud backups are definitely a good idea for those reasons alone.

What is the Difference Between Cloud Backups and Cloud Storage?

The primary purpose of cloud storage is to allow people to remotely access their files at any point anytime. Contrastingly, the primary purpose of cloud backups is to have copies of your data and files in the cloud as a preventative measure in case something happens to the original copies.

To that end, if you are curious to review more information about cloud storage or just how to manage your cloud backups in our Cloud Portal, click the link below!

We make it easy to manage all your cloud backups in one place within our comprehensive Cloud Portal. Should you have any questions about this in particular, our support team is just one call away. They will be glad to assist you.

How to Get this Add-On:

Step 1: Visit, and click the ‘Client Login’ link on the navigation bar located at the top of the page

Step 2: Enter in your Hostwinds username and password to login to your client account

Step 3: Click the ‘Services’ drop-down menu on the royal blue navigation bar to the top of the page >> Click ‘View Available Addons’

Step 4: Click the green ‘PURCHASE & ACTIVATE’ button on the ‘CLOUD BACKUPS’ card if you are purchasing backups for a cloud server or VPS. Click the green ‘PURCHASE & ACTIVATE’ button on the ‘WEB HOSTING CLOUD BACKUPS’ card if you are purchasing backups for a Shared, Business, or Reseller Hosting account. All you have to do is fill in your information and click ‘Complete Order’ from there, and you are all set

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Moving right along to our server monitoring add-on service!

What is Server Monitoring?

Hostwinds’ server monitoring add-on service involves our technicians conducting a detailed analysis of your server’s performance and thoroughly monitoring it round the clock.

Several checks are set up based on your specific server to make sure it is performing flawlessly. Furthermore, our technicians will automatically open a support ticket on your behalf if they notice any kind of issue as a preventative measure.

Monitoring what? Here are a few of the plethora of items our technicians look at:

  • CPU
  • Configurations
  • Disk Space
  • Applications stored on your server
  • Uptime
  • Network connectivity
  • Files stored on the server
  • Optimization
  • Performance

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How to Get this Add-On:

Step 1: Visit, and click the ‘Client Login’ link on the navigation bar located at the top of the page

Step 2: Enter in your Hostwinds username and password to login to your client account

Step 3: Click the ‘Services’ drop-down menu on the royal blue navigation bar to the top of the page >> Click ‘View Available Addons’

Step 4: Click the green ‘PURCHASE & ACTIVATE’ button on the ‘SERVER MONITORING’ card >> Fill in your information and click ‘Complete Order’

Note: Hostwinds also offers website monitoring for Shared and Business Hosting as well as system monitoring for cloud hosting plans.

Although Hostwinds currently offers a few more add-on services, we will conclude with just one more – the Hostwinds SSL Cerificate.

What is an SSL Certificate?

An SSL certificate is a security protocol that establishes an encrypted connection from your browser to your server (and visa versa). This encryption safeguards all the information transmitted back and forth between the server and browser, meaning all the data on your website will not be hacked. Hackers, beware of the power of the SSL certificate!

In terms of specifics, a public and private key come together to make an SSL certificate and encrypt the connection. Another component of an SSL certificate – The Subject. The Subject confirms the identity of the person who bought the SSL certificate for their site. Enough with specifics though, let’s now review when it would be advised to purchase one of these magical certificates.

Who Should Get an SSL Certificate?

Long story short, everyone with a website, however, particularly websites that:

  • Collect sensitive data from users such as credit card information, email, addresses, usernames & passwords, etc.
  • Are in any way eCommerce sites

On top of that, any site with an SSL certificate has the ‘HTTPS’ in the URL which secures trust between a site owner and users.

Fun Fact About SSL Certificates: If you are interested in seeing the credentials pertaining to safety and security for the SSL-protected site you are one, simply hover your mouse over and subsequently click on the little lock icon to the right of your URL.

SSL certificates work for every single browser, and it may surprise you to know they also benefit you for SEO purposes. As detailed on our site’s SSL Certificate page, “Search engines rank websites with an SSL higher than those without.”

Click the link below to learn more about SSL certificates:

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How to Get this Add-On:

Simply visit, click the ‘Services’ drop-down menu, then click ‘SSL’ to navigate to the right page. Depending on your preference, you may click either the green ‘1 Year for $75’ or the green ‘2 Years for $140’ button on the page to get started with your very own Hostwinds SSL certificate.

That sums up the Hostwinds add-on potion of this blog piece. Now its’ your turn to share your ideas!

Anything Else You Would Add?

Of course, the Hostwinds Team could never have come up with innovative solutions such as these add-on services if it weren’t for the invaluable feedback from our clients. Is there anything you would (corny pun coming up, brace yourselves:) add on to this discussion about add-on services?

Please feel encouraged to comment below if there are any add-on services you would like us to offer. What would make your hosting experience with us even better? We would love to hear your thoughts.

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