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Hostwinds Adds Noction IRP To Its Line-Up Featured Image

Hostwinds Adds Noction IRP To Its Line-Up

by: Bryon Turcotte  /  February 18, 2015

Hostwinds continually strives to provide the greatest and latest technology to our clients. We want you to have the best options available in today's market. In the spirit of this, we have recently deployed Noction IRP on our core routers to help our clients become more efficient. As part of the Hostwinds family, how does this new addition help you?

Noction Intelligent Routing Platform (IRP) is BGP route optimization software for multi-homed ISP's. It automatically reroutes traffic based on specific parameters, such as latency, packet loss, reliability, maximum peer capacity, and throughput. Noction IRP detects and resolves performance issues for the network to perform its best. It also reduces human error by being automated.

The benefits of Noction IRP are many. It reduces packet loss and overall latency. These are tremendous benefits. Royal Pingdom asserts that 9 out of 10 customers will head over to your competitor's site should your website be unavailable or too slow. This is detrimental to your site, especially if you run an e-commerce site. Noction IRP prevents your audience from getting frustrated and going elsewhere. Another substantial impact of the speed of your site is its effect on Google search rankings. Google considers (among other things) the site speed in website rankings. Who doesn't love having a higher Google ranking?

Packet loss is frustrating. Whether it's a message-sending issue or a hiccup with Voice Over IP calls, any disruption in transmission can cause annoying communication errors and delays. Noction IRP reduces packet loss by rerouting around congestion.

As far as decreasing operational costs, Noction IRP saves you money without any added effort on your part. Noction IRP automatically chooses the lesser expensive transit providers, saving the more expensive providers for use only when necessary. In turn, this saves you money on the bandwidth rate.

If you have any questions about Noction IRP or any of our other products and features, feel free to contact us via any of the methods below:

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Thank you for being a valued member of the Hostwinds family!

For more information, view the Noction IRP white paper at:

Written by Bryon Turcotte  /  February 18, 2015