Hostwinds’ Black Friday Delightful Deals & Discounts

Black Friday Post

Quick question to start us off: Why did I wake up today, palms sweating, so full of anticipation and excitement?


Why =

Black Friday is just 2 days away! So little time and so many deals to profit from!

How Hostwinds is celebrating?


Answer =  

By bestowing gifts (in the form of discounts) upon not just existing Hostwinds clients, but upon ANYONE AND EVERYONE!

Black Friday becomes more popular, prevalent, and powerful every single year. The holiday has swept across the world and even countries who don’t celebrate Thanksgiving (like Canada, for example) still offer deals on Black Friday! With that in mind, let’s all seize the day and get the most bang for our buck!

Let’s carry on with some more Hostwinds Black Friday Q & A:


Discounts of the Century

Deals, deals, deals galore! I know what you’re asking yourself: “DEALS? WHO? WHAT? WHEN? WHERE? WHY?”


Who =

Absolutely anyone can benefit from Hostwinds’ Black Friday sales! As long as the individual capitalizing on these deals applies them to a new product or service, both existing Hostwinds clients and people that are not currently Hostwinds clients are eligible for the discounts.


What =

Clearly the most important question to ask right now is “What are the deals????” The answer is:


75% off any billing cycle,  Monthly through Triennially, for our Shared, Business, Reseller, and White Label services.

60% off any billing cycle,  Monthly through Triennially, for all of our  Linux and Windows Managed VPS as well as our Dedicated Servers.

10% off any billing cycle,  Monthly through Triennially, for all of our  Linux and Windows Unmanaged VPS.


Please note that these discounts only apply to your first payment regardless of the billing cycle. Furthermore, said discounts are only applicable to new products and services.


ANOTHER NOTE: Products that Black Friday discounts do not apply to the following:

1. Upgrades for, Downgrades for, or extensions of current products or services

2. SSL Certificates

3. Software Licenses

4. IP Blocks

5. Domains

6. Hourly products and services


When =

Start Time: Friday, November 23rd, 2018  at 12:00 AM PST

End Time: To be determined!


Where =

All deals will be accessible on Hostwinds’ main website: Simply check out as you normally would and BOOM, the discounts will be applied to your order.


Why =

The answer to the question “Why?” is because we love and appreciate you! That’s all!



Hostwinds’ Black Friday Fun

Let’s conclude with even more questions and answers.


Concluding Question 1: What is the best part of Hostwinds’ Black Friday celebration?

Concluding Answer 1: There is no limit to how much you can purchase with these discounts, so go nuts and buy in bulk if you so choose!


Concluding Question 2: Why is Hostwinds the best web hosting company to buy from during Black Friday and in general?

Concluding Answer 2:  Our team values authenticity and quality – that is, authentic and quality products, service, and support.


Concluding Question 3: What is the Hostwinds Family most grateful for during this holiday of gratitude?

Concluding Answer 3: YOU! Happy Black Friday!


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