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Hostwinds for the Holidays: Creating a Holiday Newsletter with WordPress Featured Image

Hostwinds for the Holidays: Creating a Holiday Newsletter with WordPress

by: Hostwinds Team  /  December 22, 2018

The Hostwinds Holiday celebrations continue! This week's edition of "Hostwinds For the Holidays" is a tutorial for using WordPress to create a holiday family newsletter. Paperless holiday photos and newsletters are becoming more and more popular these days, and it can be costly to send things using snail mail. Follow these instructions to create and send off your very own newsletter FREE!

WordPress Wizardry

WordPress is an excellent website-building application. Step 1 of this tutorial entails installing WordPress.

When you are setting up your account, make sure all your family members have an "admin" status so everyone can comment on your newsletter.

Part 2 of this step is adding the bbPress plugin to your WordPress situation. bbPress will allow your loved ones to comment on your holiday newsletter.

Visit to download and configure this plugin.

Step 2: Navigate to your WordPress dashboard.

Step 3: Click the "Add New" button next to "Posts."

Step 4: Enter the title of your newsletter post in the "Enter title here" field.

Step 5: Select your preferred font family, color, size, etc., then type your newsletter into the input field.

NOTE: Notice the "Paragraph" drop-down menu. You can click the "Heading 1" or "Heading 2" options to set bigger headings for your newsletter.

MORE NOTES: Notice the "Insert" drop-down menu. You can click the "Add Media" option to insert images, videos, and even playlists into your newsletter.

Step 6: Either schedule your newsletter to be published on a date of your choosing (by clicking the "Edit" button next to "Publish Immediately" on the right) or publish immediately (by clicking the blue "Publish" button on the right).

Now you have a holiday newsletter post! You can continue to update and/or edit it by going back to your WordPress dashboard, clicking on the title of the newsletter post, making changes, then clicking the blue "Update" button to the right. Get started with your holiday correspondence today by setting up your holiday newsletter in WordPress!

Click the Blue "Update" Button to Make Edits to Post

Hostwinds' Holiday Newsletter

Even if you cannot be with your loved ones this holiday season, it's not too late to send them an update about you and your family in the form of a newsletter. WordPress makes it fast and easy!

BEFORE WE GO, here is the Hostwinds Family's Holiday Newsletter:

Dear You,

Happy Holidays! The Hostwinds Family was up to a lot this holiday season, and we would love to share our journey with you. This season, we partied and celebrated right by having a holiday cookie/ugly holiday sweater party


we learned how to host our holiday photos (,

and we also exchanged delicious holiday recipes (!

Hmmm, what else…we had a holiday luau (,

decorated our office, clocked in each day with a smile full of holiday cheer.

That's all.

Oh, one more thing…we love and appreciate you.

Happy Holidays!


The Hostwinds Family

Written by Hostwinds Team  /  December 22, 2018