Hostwinds for the Holidays: Send New Year’s Eve Party

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Happy New Year

It’s almost New Year’s Eve and if you’ve ever read any blog post I’ve written, I guarantee you know what song I’ll be singing round the clock until then…

(*Musical Notes*)


Here it comes another year
Come on everyone, new millennium
Here it comes another year
Everyone, new millennium”

(*Musical Notes*)

Have I confessed to everyone yet that every second of my childhood was infused with Will Smith songs? His music was pretty much the theme music of my youth. Now that it is abundantly clear that I was destined to be a silly person through and through my whole life, let’s rapidly change the subject! What’s that? You’d really like that because you feel quite uncomfortable right now? Changing the subject it is!

OH WAIT! Before I change the subject,

(*Musical Notes*)

“Gettin’ jiggy wit it
Na na na na na nana
Na na na na nana
Gettin jiggy wit it
Na na na na na nana
Na na na na nana
Gettin jiggy wit it
Na na na na na nana
Na na na na nana”

(*Musical Notes*)

If you are hosting a New Year’s Eve party this year, it would be wise and simultaneously convenient to send your invites using your Hostwinds email!


Email Subject: Come Party With Us Like It’s 1999

Hostwinds makes it easy to send out mass emails with our email services. Here is a little bit of info regarding Hostwinds email that will help you if you would like to send out mass New Year’s Eve party invitations to all your buddies.

First off, you can send unlimited messages per hour with Hostwinds’ Cloud Servers and Dedicated Servers give. As for our other packages, you can send a decent amount of messages each hour. The following Hostwinds Knowledge Base guide will provide you with the hourly message rates for the remainder of our packages:

SPOILER ALERT: I’m about to shamelessly plug a BUNCH of Knowledge Base guides because they will help you if you decide to send your party invitations with your Hostwinds email…Oh, and because they are all awesome.

This guide, for example, will walk you through some of the email stuff you can do in your cPanel account:

These guides, on the other hand, define Hostwinds Enterprise Email and teach you how to set it up if you are interested in doing so:

If you simply need help getting to your email account in cPanel, check out this guide:

Lastly, if you want to change your email address, this guide will give you step-by-step directions as to how to do it:

That pretty much covers it! Wait, let me double-check…(*thinking…thinking…thinking*) Shameless plug after shameless plug after shameless plug, CHECK. Important information relevant to sending New Year’s Eve party invitations via Hostwinds email, CHECK. Will Smith song stuck in my head and the heads of every audience member for an entire 365 days, DEFINITE CHECK. We’ll all good here, folks!


5, 4, 3, 2, 1…Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from the Hostwinds Family! Be sure to party it up right this New Year’s Eve and turn up those smooth jams to reign in the new year right. We’ve joked around a lot this year, but in all seriousness, the Hostwinds Family is really excited to begin a brand new journey with you this coming year. Furthermore, we hope your 2019 is full of gifts and good things. We’ll see you then…and until then…

(*Musical Notes*)

“Wicky wicky wild”


“We’re going straight to (when I roll into the) the Wild Wild West (when I stroll into the)
We’re going straight to (when I bounce into the) the Wild Wild West
We’re going straight to the Wild Wild West
We’re going straight to the Wild Wild West”

(*Musical Notes*)

(P.S. We do not own any rights to the lyrics of Mr. Will Smith’s, and we hope that our use of them is inoffensive and covered under FAIR USE.)



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