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Hostwinds for the Holidays: Tier 1 VPS & Available Add-On Gifts Featured Image

Hostwinds for the Holidays: Tier 1 VPS & Available Add-On Gifts

by: Hostwinds Team  /  December 20, 2019

Season's Greetings, everyone! Who else is gearing up for the holidays with some last-minute shopping? Anyone gearing up for the holidays with some frantic last-minute procrastinated shopping? Us too. Luckily, Hostwinds has the solution if you answered 'yes' to either of these questions!

Our 'Hostwinds for the Holidays' series is back again this year, and we are excited to help you get all your holiday gifts all set with some phenomenal hosting packages and add-on services!

Allow us to elaborate:

Idea: You could give the gift of an inexpensive Tier 1 VPS!

Wait, a better idea is brewing…

Better Idea: You could also give the gift of add-on services.

Tier 1 VPS = Big Holiday Gift

Add-On Services for VPS = Little Complimentary Gifts

Speaking of 'Hostwinds for the Holidays,' if you didn't happen to read this whimsical and festive blog series last year, click any of the links below to get all caught up on the fun:

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The 'Hostwinds for the Holidays' tradition lives on, and it is that special time of year to load up on incredible hosting services! Don't take our word for it, though. The following presentation will give you a better idea as to what VPS services and add-ons Hostwinds offers so you know exactly what you're getting into before giving your loved ones these sensational holiday gifts.

What is a VPS? / What VPS Plans Does Hostwinds Offer?

First, a Quick Definition of VPS Courtesy of Hostwinds Support Team Agent, Kyle: "A VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a fully capable operating system that runs on portioned on computing resources of a physical server."

Big Holiday Gift: Tier 1 VPS

Tier 1 VPS Plans start at just $4.49 for the first invoice and $4.99 for all other invoices, making them excellent options for holiday gifts!

Are you interested in reviewing more information about Hostwinds VPS plans? If so, click any of the links below.

Fully Managed Linux VPS Plans:

Fully Managed Windows VPS Plans:

Unmanaged Linux VPS Plans:

Unmanaged Windows VPS Plans:

Are you curious why one might need to get a VPS versus something like Shared Hosting? Our recently-published "Hostwinds Shared, Business, & VPS Hosting" blog post has got you covered:

"Get a VPS if (1) you would like more robust security for your website information, (2) you wish to have way more control over your server, (3) you are experiencing too much website traffic to maintain your Shared or Business Hosting package, (4) you want root access to your server, (5) you need a lot of RAM, (6) you are looking for better uptime, or (7) your website users are inputting their credit card information on your site."

Hostwinds Shared, Business, & VPS Hosting

Big holiday gift, CHECK.

Tier 1 VPS for the win!

Now that you have your main gift all set, it's time to go above and beyond as a gift-giver with some VPS add-on presents!

VPS Add-On Gifts

Epic Suggestion: You should stock up on Hostwinds' VPS add-on services while you're on a roll with gift-giving! These add-ons are very cost-effective and offer fantastic help. Starting with Hostwinds' one-time Cloud Backups service, we'll review what makes these add-ons the perfect compliments to your VPS holiday gift.

Little Holiday Gift #1: Cloud Backups Add-On Service

Give your family and friends the gift of peace of mind. Keep their data safe and sound using our Cloud Backups add-on service.

Definition: Our Cloud Backups service entails Hostwinds technicians backing up your information in the cloud. You can access these backups anytime in a cloud storage drive within the Hostwinds Cloud Portal's 'Object Storage' page. You also have the power to decide how long you would like to keep your cloud backups. When you capitalize on this add-on service, your data will be backed up to the cloud every night.

P.S. By 'you' and 'your,' we mean 'the very lucky recipient of this present.'

The following excerpt from our "What is a Cloud Server?" Knowledge Base guide will shed more light on the value of this service:

"Our Cloud Backups service lets you customize what's backed up, when it's backed up and how long it's retained for. […] You'll be able to perform restores themselves and manage your data retention with ease."

What Is A Cloud Server?

Little Holiday Gift #2: Server Monitoring Service

If you would like our expert technicians to keep a very close watch on your server specifically and automatically open a support ticket for you if by any chance a technical issue arises, give this add-on service a try.

We'll refer back to that always-handy "What is a Cloud Server?" guide again to shine more light on little holiday gift #2:

According to the guide, this service is "highly customizable and submits a support ticket on your behalf when your service fails a check/test. This allows our support technicians to review and resolve the issue without your interaction being required. Our monitoring service is highly recommended if you're running system-critical services on your server."

Little Holiday Gift #3: Windshield

Little holiday present #3 involves enhancing your VPS's security via various server-hardening techniques. If you would like to take preventative measures to safeguard your VPS against potential security hazards, Windshield is a solid add-on choice.

Definition Courtesy of Our "Windshield Server Security Service" Guide: "The one-time service is recommended for any client-server that is looking to increase their server security and shield their server from possible harmful outside sources. Our support technicians will set up your server firewall, perform an application audit on your server, and apply server hardening to ensure your server is safe and secure."

Services Comprising Windshield:

1. Configuring a Firewall on Server

Hostwinds technicians will set up a firewall on the server.

2. Security Audit for Server

We analyze various aspects of your server's current security level and make sure all your data is 100% secure.

3. Server Hardening Procedures

The server hardening involves maximizing a VPS's security to protect it against potential issues pertaining to security. We can also "lock your server down to whitelisted IP addresses for connections to shell or RDP" upon request.

Windshield Server Security Service

If you would like to receive more information about Hostwinds Windshield, click the link below.

Little Holiday Gift #4: Windspeed

Windspeed is another great one-time add-on service, as it optimizes your VPS and its resources.

Definition Courtesy of Our "What is a Cloud Server?" Guide: "WindSpeed is recommended if you're running a web server and want to ensure that the services are as optimized as possible. Our support technicians will review your current running services and assist in analyzing and optimizing your website's speed."

Services Comprising Windspeed:

1. Analysis of Server's Current Performance

We review and test your VPS's performance as well as how optimized your CSS, images, JavaScript, and other hosted scripts are at the current moment.

2. Optimization for Surges of Site Traffic

Hostwinds technicians monitor high loads and website traffic, then optimize your VPS to accommodate for both.

3. Optimization of MySQL for Your Application

Want to lower your disk input, your disk output, or your CPU usage? You're in luck! This add-on service includes optimizing MySQL for your application(s), which affects all of the above!

A Recommendation from the Hostwinds "Windspeed Server Optimization Service" Guide: "It is recommended to allow your webserver to run as normal for a period of at least seven days prior to purchasing WindSpeed, to ensure the best results."

Here's What Happens When You Purchase this Add-On Service: "A ticket will be created on your account, and our support technicians will begin the optimization services for you, updating your ticket once completed."

WindSpeed Server Optimization Service

Click the link below to review more information about this one-time add-on service!

Now that you are aware of the possible add-on options for a Tier 1 VPS, we'll give you a step-by-step tutorial as to how to access and purchase all four add-ons.

How to Access & Purchase Available Add-Ons for Your Tier 1 VPS Gift

#1: Visit and click the 'Client Login' link at the top of the page.

Written by Hostwinds Team  /  December 20, 2019