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Hey Guys, It’s been awhile since I have updated this blog, mainly because I have been so busy with getting new client’s setup on their hosting accounts. Things have really started to take off here at Hostwinds. We are shipping out 3 new server’s this week. We are adding a brand new Shared Server this week (this comes just 1-2 weeks after launching our new VPS nodes) This new shared server will take the load off of our current shared server, and allow for faster page load speeds for all.


Cpanel Partnership

We are almost at the point where we can become official Cpanel partners, I don’t know if this is a good thing or a bad thing seeing as it means we are spending in excess of $300 a month of Cpanel Licenses. I guess I can see it as a good thing since it means we are going to be getting discounts on all our Licenses from now on! We are planning on custom coding a new area of the client area for our VPS client’s to be able to better manage their Cpanel licenses. We have recently upgraded our Client area to include the ability for our VPS client’s to fully manage their VPS right from their client area without ever having to login to their VPS Control Panel.


Windows Virtual Private Servers!


We have recently been exploring the option of offering Windows VPS services due to the high number of requests we have received lately for Windows VPS options. We are hoping to be able to offer this service within the next 1-2 months, we will keep all of you updated and informed with the latest information.


Client Area Changes

We have some pretty big changes coming to the Hostwinds client area in the coming weeks, and we wanted to update all of you with our “master plan”. We will be redoing the entire client area look and feel to make it feel much more like Hostwinds, and much less like every other web hosting company out there running our billing system. These changes are not going to happen overnight, however, we hope to have all of them implemented within the next month. We will also be unveiling our new monthly newsletter to keep all of your informed about the latest and greatest things we have planned to make your hosting better. We are not just redoing our client area either, we are also going to be revamping all of our default sign-up/setup emails to make them have a much more personal (Hostwinds) look and feel. This should help our new client’s navigate to the things they need most much easier.


Brand New Shared Server

We have been steadily growing, and we have finally outgrow our Shared1 shared server, we are rolling out a brand new shared server, and will be moving some account’s around in order to make everyone’s web hosting experience the fastest possible. This new shared server is an absolute monster, weighing in with Dual Quad Core Xeon Processors, 16 GB of Ram and 2x 1TB Hard Drives. It should be able to handle anything Hostwinds client’s decide to throw at it.


New Service Offerings

I have had a lot of requests for various products and services that are out there that hostwinds doesn’t currently offer, well we are wanting to change this. Over the next month Hostwinds plans to unveil several new types of SSL certificates, Over 10 new domain Extensions, More software licenses for VPS’s and Dedicated Servers, Server Management Services, Cpanel Licenses, Web Design Services, SEO Services, and a monthly website maintenance offering. As with all Hostwinds services you can expect these services to be top notch and come with the amazing support your have come to expect from your web hosting.

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