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Hostwinds’ VPS Hosting Prices & Resources are Changing the Game Featured Image

Hostwinds’ VPS Hosting Prices & Resources are Changing the Game

by: Hostwinds Team  /  October 9, 2018

Our Front-Line Director

Great news! Hostwinds' newly enhanced packages are now more economical and provide you with more cloud hosting resources. A celebration is in order, and I say we start the festivities with a nice metaphor to highlight what makes Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting unique to shared hosting. Before disclosing this genius analogy, we'll start with what's most important: how you'll benefit from the following VPS hosting plans.

The Point of it All…Drumroll…VPS Hosting Plan Upgrades & Hard-to-Beat Prices

Whoa, that heading was long! We keep these blogs classy like that. I'm getting sidetracked…back to the point:

VPS Hosting Package/Price Breakdown:

Hostwinds is now providing a base plan with:

  • 1 CPU Core
  • 1 GB RAM (Used to be 512M)
  • 30GB Disk Space (Used to be 25GB)
  • 1Gbps Port

We've reduced this plan's price to $4.49/month! To quote Hostwinds' fantastic Front-Line Director: "HAPPY TIMES!" Additionally, to quote…the same exact person…Chad, our Front-Line Director, "Team, please prepare yourselves for a strong wave of some very, very happy clients!" We were born ready, Chad. BORN. READY.

Hostwinds' VPS Hosting Packages:

One of Hostwinds' most discernible qualities is our company's legitimate concern for our client's contentment. We're not a bait-and-switch kind of company, and our team genuinely tries to put ourselves in our clients' shoes while formulating new products and services.

This is why we are elated to make the prices of our VPS hosting plans even more ($10 word approaching:) lucrative while also offering more assistance to our patrons. Not to beat a dead horse here…wait…sidenote tangent: If anyone has found a better idiom than "beat a dead horse," for the love of all that is good, please let me know what it is. That idiom is so useful but soOoo icky at the same time. I'm going to make up a new one right now: Not to poke holes in an already deflated balloon (Mission. Accomplished. I am still open for better suggestions, though!), but I can sincerely say that the Hostwinds team has your best interest at heart. This company is comprised of nice people, and we want to make a positive impact by doing nice things for our community, aka Hostwinds' clients and the whole Hostwinds family.

Two Sentences to Sum up VPS Hosting as Opposed to Shared Hosting

One more thing: VPS hosting is similar to shared hosting in that it is a collection of individuals utilizing a virtual server's space or multiple virtual servers' space. The former is unique to shared hosting in that each account holder within the VPS hosting environment has their own designated private chunk of a virtual server's space that others can't intrude upon.

Okay, time for the analogy of the century for which you've all been waiting patiently:

Genius VPS Analogy

JUST KIDDING, the analogy really isn't genius and, the fact is, if you research VPS hosting versus shared hosting, you'll find a myriad of metaphors used to clarify the differences between the two. I was just trying to use arrogant humor to make you smile.

In any case, imagine your family or close-knit circle of friends decides to throw a celebratory dinner after discovering (…shameless/repetitious plug coming up:) Hostwinds VPS hosting resources have expanded while VPS hosting package prices have simultaneously diminished.

Someone is kind enough to cater the entire dinner and sets up a bounty of food family style.

Bear with me here: In this analogy, you are at the very end of the line, but fortunately, all your loved ones are pure-hearted sweethearts who keep their dignity and gingerly portion out what they feel to be the appropriate amount of food allotted to them. Is this always the case? Oh, to the darling naive souls who answered "yes": you are the lucky ones.

As for those of us who answered "no" because we have experienced first-hand the relative or buddy at the front of the line, which takes five times the amount of food portioned out to each individual, we may have asked the person catering the event to simply ration the food, possibly splitting it up to give everyone at the party a box of food to eat.

Similarly, an account user within a hosting environment who needs to make sure that others don't take up a ton of the collective server space would be advised to utilize VPS hosting. Account users in a VPS hosting environment likely would be those with larger websites or possibly individuals looking to make their online presence bigger.

The pre-portioned meals option also might be attractive to those of us who have seen our four-year-old niece touch every single morsel of food offered. Those resolute in strictly protecting the security of their files, operating system, and account in the hosting environment would be more likely to capitalize on VPS hosting services.

Some people at our hypothetical celebratory dinner may not need to receive their full portion of food or simply prefer the benefits of a family-style meal. Shared hosting would perhaps be more suitable for them, particularly in light of the fact that it is generally cheaper than VPS hosting.

Others conceivably may wish to bring a "plus-one" or "plus-two" to the event or, within the VPS hosting world, add more users to their account. VPS hosting environments allow them to do so.

VPS Hosting Perks

The benefits of VPS hosting vary far and wide depending on how much control you need over your Operating System, files, and security. As a member of a VPS hosting environment, you'll always have the server space you need to ensure that your website runs efficiently. You are still sharing the server space with the collective, but your Operating System and all your files are completely private, personal, confidential, independent, individual, separate, discreet…I could go on…from other accounts in your hosting environment.

If you are looking to expand your online omnipresence or see your website receiving a decent amount of traffic, it would be prudent to begin using VPS hosting. In addition, server configurations are now fair game for account users with the institution of a VPS hosting system. Account-holders in a VPS hosting environment enjoys a wider range of capabilities, including the capacity to add or delete accounts and security authorizations. VPS hosting grants users the ability to customize software and Operating System preferences.

If you think your website has matured past a shared hosting environment, try making the shift to VPS hosting. Hostwinds makes this transition simple for our clients.

Tip to further your knowledge of VPS: Research the keyword "hypervisor" or "virtualization" to understand how virtual servers work.

Managed VS Unmanaged VPS: That's up to You

Hostwinds Linux and Windows VPS hosting services can be subsumed under two categories: Managed and Unmanaged. What's the difference?

It all boils down to this:

How Much Power Do You Want?

It is debatable whether it was Voltaire or some other (A $10…no, more like a $20 word is approaching:) sagacious mastermind who came up with the magnificent quote "WITH GREAT POWER COMES GREAT RESPONSIBILITY." I heard it from Uncle Ben Parker in Spiderman. Whoever it was who first said it deserves dramatic applause in the form of a slow and loud clap. This quote is applicable in this case, and here's why: If you feel comfortable taking on the responsibility of configuring your server, handling server maintenance, and taking care of server security concerns, you might consider setting up an Unmanaged VPS account. Newbies to server configuration procedures would be advised to consider a Managed VPS account.

How Much Time do You Have?

If you'd rather not spend your time concerning yourself with cloud hosting matters, a Managed VPS account will be best for you. The reason: it gives the company providing your web hosting service full reign to take care of security, maintenance, configuration, troubleshooting, etc.

Hostwinds' team of technical experts will take good care of you if you choose a Managed VPS plan and, don't worry, Hostwinds has a strict no-judge policy in regard to any questions you may have. In fact, you can tell that there is a no-judge zone surrounding everything Hostwinds is about when you read the blog pieces they let me publish. Shoutout to Hostwinds for letting me let metaphorically let my hair down while I write these blog posts! Hostwinds family, you da bestest! Once again, I'm getting off-topic… I'll lock it up right now so we can move on.

Make the Right Choice for You

Ultimately, choosing the right plan depends on how much time you have, how savvy you are regarding server management, and how much you like carrying out server management tasks. While it's more economical to purchase an Unmanaged VPS hosting package, it might not be ideal for those new to the whole hosting environment sphere.

Make Use of Hostwinds' Sweet VPS Hosting Services

SURPRISE SLOGAN: "Hostwinds' VPS web hosting packages give you a Virtual P.S. because our team says to you: 'We're giving you more cloud hosting resources and P.S. we're also reducing the price of your plan!'" Get it? A Virtual. P.S. – A V.P.S. I still got it! To quote a very wise woman…MEeEeee…in the last blog piece published, "Fret not, the metaphorical slogan train will keep running strong!" I never make empty promises, so I had to make sure to include another knee-slapper slogan, and I delicately placed it towards the end of this piece to make certain it was indeed a "SURPRISE" for you. All that being said, I think the slogan train is coming to its final stop so we can quit while we're ahead. If you'd like to hear previous silly slogans, click any of the following links!

Getting back to the point here once more: If you feel that VPS hosting would benefit you or your business, the discounted services Hostwinds offers are the way to go.

Click HERE or visit if you would like to check out other packages currently ranging from 10% to 53% off.

Moreover, our bright and trustworthy team of experts, our user-friendly website, and our Knowledge Base ( will walk you through this painless process. This brings me to an important question: I know we discussed the metaphorical meal paragraphs and paragraphs ago…but…is anyone else's mouth just aggressively watering, or is it just me? Oh, and this is totally unrelated, but I must conclude this blog piece this instant…and not to go eat if that's what you were thinking…come on, give me a little credit…okay, I'll admit it, that's exactly why we're concluding the blog pieces so abruptly. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: You just get me. Happy hosting!

Written by Hostwinds Team  /  October 9, 2018