How to Get Help From Hostwinds

How to Get Help From Hostwinds

New to hosting? Need a helping hand?

You got it!

The Hostwinds Team is here to help, and we’re not going anywhere, so rest assured you can always contact us.

By the way, by ‘always’ we mean always, AKA 24/7/365!

Furthermore, you have several ways to get help with your hosting service(s).

Namely, the following options:

1. Live Chat

2. Phone

3. Support Ticket

4. Knowledge Base

With this selection and the many tools you have available to you as a Hostwinds client, the possibilities are endless.

Hostwinds Live Chat, Phone, & Ticket Support

Are you curious about how items 1 through 4 differ? Are you curious what items 1 through 4 entail? Are you curious why we are asking you copious amounts of questions? Are you curious when the questions will stop?

We’ll answer these questions with another question that you may be asking yourself at the moment:

What is Hostwinds Live Chat?

Hostwinds Live Chat is our way of offering individuals assistance in a convenient and efficient manner. If you have quick questions about our services or your account, or if you need clarification about anything pertaining to hosting, Live Chat is a great choice. It is better for small issues that don’t require long, in-depth explanations.

Here’s How You Can Access Our Live Chat:

First, visit

As it turns out, you have three different ways to start a Live Chat with a Hostwinds Support Team Agent.

1. You can click the ‘Live Chat’ link at the top of the page like so:

2. You can simply click the Live Chat window on the bottom right of the page to open it like so:

3. You can click the ‘Live Chat With Us’ link on the footer of the page (within the ‘Support’ section) like so:

What’s that? You’re eagerly waiting for the next question because you’ve noticed we haven’t asked one in while? Well aren’t you intuitive and perceptive? You hit the nail right on the head because we’ve got a question all lined up for you!

What is Hostwinds’ Phone Number?

This one’s easy: 888-404-1279

Sometimes it’s just too complicated to type out your question or concern. Sometimes it’s easier to talk it out with a representative. That’s why we offer 24/7/365 phone support in addition to Live Chat and tickets.

If you’d like to give Hostwinds a call, you can click the ‘888-4040-1279’ link at the top of our homepage

OR the ‘888-4040-1279’ link on the page’s footer.

You can also just type the number into your phone! You have so many choices!

Speaking of choices, you also have the option to reach out to our support team via ticket if you have a question that requires a little more explanation. Simply type it out in a support ticket, and our team will make sure you are all taken care of.

What is a Hostwinds Support Ticket?

We created the Hostwinds Support Ticket system to ensure clients could always receive extensive assistance. Click the link below to review a few other reasons why Hostwinds uses a ticketing system (e.g. security, efficiency, etc).

There are a multitude of ways to open a support ticket after logging into your Hostwinds Client Area. First, click the ‘Client Login’ link at the top of the page and enter your Hostwinds email and password to login.

Now you can click ‘Open a Ticket’ at the top of the page like so:

OR you could click the ‘Support Ticket’ link towards the bottom right of the page like so:

To review the support tickets you’ve previously opened, you can click on the ‘My Support Tickets’ link on the ‘Support’ menu to the left of the Support page like so:

Here are a few support ticket How-To’s to provide you with some additional guidance:

Submit a Ticket:

Ticket Status:

View an Open Ticket:

View Past Tickets:

Another Option For Accessing Support Tickets: When you’re in the Client Area, you can click the ‘Support’ drop-down menu on the royal blue navigation bar to either (1) see your previous tickets, (2) open a ticket, (3) go to our Knowledge Base, or even (4) review the downloads you have available to you for your Hostwinds services.

Are you wondering what the ‘Knowledge Base’ we mentioned as item 3 is? Are you wondering if we are asking that question to segway to our next topic of discussion? Well, wonder no more!

The Hostwinds Knowledge Base

If you have a technical question or a question pertaining to hosting, chances are there is a guided tutorial about that topic waiting for you in the Hostwinds Knowledge Base.

What is the Hostwinds Knowledge Base?

In order to answer this question, we’ll refer to our Knowledge Base guide all about, well, the Knowledge Base:

“To provide both our current and prospective clients with as much information as possible, we have an entire archive of articles, instructions, company policies and documentation available for you to view.”

Here’s how to get to the Knowledge Base:

You could either go to and click the ‘Knowledge Base’ link in the footer or simply type www.Hostwinds/guide/ into your browser.

You can also access the Knowledge Base from your Client Area by either clicking the ‘Knowledgebase’ link in the ‘Support’ menu to the left of the Support page or, as already noted, by clicking the ‘Support’ drop-down menu on the royal blue navigation bar, then clicking ‘Knowledgebase.’

Knowledge Base Tour

Once you make your way to the Knowledge Base, you’ll see that the guides are broken up into categories (as seen above). If you click on, for instance, ‘Hostwinds Main,’ you will find even more specific sections, each containing multiple guides:

The Knowledge Base guide about the Knowledge Base does a fantastic job explaining what kinds of guides comprise each section:

  • Hostwinds Main: This section contains articles pertaining to Hostwinds’ policies, billing information, and overviews/guides of sections of our website, namely the Client Area.
  • Web Hosting: This section contains articles going over everything related to our web hosting services, namely Shared, Business and Reseller hosting.
  • Hostwinds Cloud: This section contains articles on everything related to our Cloud Infrastructure. Most notably, this section covers VPS and Cloud servers and the features included in our Cloud Control Portal (servers, volumes, snapshots, object storage, networking, etc.).
  • Other Products: This section contains articles on all other Hostwinds services not previously covered in the other sections. This is where you’ll find articles on things like our VPN service, SSL certificates, etc.
  • General Guides: This section is where you will find all our guides on some common third party services and utilities that are used on or work in combination with our services. This is where you’ll find information and instructions on using things like various operating systems, control panels (cPanel, Plesk, Virtualmin, etc.), etc.

More Ways to Get in Touch With Us:

Did you know Hostwinds has a ‘Contact Us’ page on our site? You can scroll down to the bottom of the page and click one of the following links like so in order to reach out to us:

Email Us:

If email is your preferred method of communication, click the ‘Send Us An Email’ link in our website’s footer!

What’s that? You are assuming another question is coming up in the imminent future? Well, guess what? The questioning is finally over, and the concluding is finally beginning!

We Are Always Here for You

Here is the Most Important Takeaway From This Blog Post: We are always here for you.

We really mean that. Since Hostwinds was founded, our team’s main objective has always been providing clients with unmatched support. Hostwinds stands out because we make it a priority to ensure clients know they are never alone throughout their web hosting journey. Our team also makes a point to ensure clients know help is always just a call or click away at any given moment.

Reminder: 24/7/365 support really means 24/7/365. You are encouraged to call on us if you need help, no matter what time.

Another Reminder: We appreciate you!

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