Why and How You Should Consider Using Retargeting

How many first-time visitors to your site convert into actual customers or clients? Sadly, it’s probably not many. But at least they visited. They were interested in what you offer. Use that to your advantage (and theirs) with retargeting.


What is Retargeting?

Retargeting means you basically follow them across the internet and display ads as a reminder for what they were looking at on your site. And a good majority of them will appreciate it (or at least not be put off by it). Maybe they were researching, but not quite ready to buy. They may have visited a lot of sites that offer the same or similar things you do. The last thing you want is for them to remember a competitor and not remember you.

With retargeting, you stay fresh in their mind and can re-engage them, whether they’re on another site, checking email or on Facebook. And when they’re retargeted, they’re 70% more likely to convert. (See more stats and insight in the infographic at the bottom of this page)


How do I Set up Facebook Retargeting?

You can use retargeting with PPC ads, Facebook, YouTube and many other ways. To cover them all would be to write a book, but we’ll briefly go over setting it up on Facebook. If there’s something else you’d like to see specifically covered, please leave a comment and we’ll do our best to update this post and include it.


Create and install your pixel

  • Go to your ads manager
  • Click the top left icon to open the menu and go to the Pixel section

Showing Where to Create a Tracking Pixel in Facebook Ads Manager

  • Create your visitor-tracking pixel
  • Add the code to pages where they apply by adding it to your site’s header code, right above the end header tag </head>

You can track only users who add something to the shopping cart, but don’t buy. You can track only users who click a certain link. There are many options for choosing just who you want to retarget to. You do this by adding event codes. Follow the instructions for the type of event you choose.


Create your Facebook audience

  • Go to Ads Manager
  • Go to Tools and select Audiences
  • Go to Create Audience
  • Choose Custom Audience
  • Select Website Traffic
  • Name your audience
  • Select Website Traffic and Create Audience


Now you just need to go to your audiences in Ads Manager and create an ad for it.

Need ideas on how you could use retargeting? Here’s an awesome post by Jonathan Dane with over 30 ways you can use it. Use it to draw inspiration from for creating an effective retargeting campaign.

Shows Important Stats and Figures for Marketing with Retargeting



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