IBM Power Servers to Support Nvidia GPUs in 2014

Computer manufacturer IBM announced that they will begin to use the Nvidia Tesla graphic chips in servers configured with their Power chips, according to an article published on the Computer World website. According to this report, IBM wants to increase the capabilities of their higher level server offerings by exploring graphic processing.

IBM will use these chips – which were built into supercomputers like Sequoia and the famous Watson computer – beginning in 2014, according to Computer World. The article states that “the combination of Power processors and Nvidia GPUs could speed up mainframes used for critical tasks like financial transaction processing.”

Sean Tetpon, a spokesman for IBM, was quoted in the article to say, “The addition of Tesla to IBM’s Power CPUs in servers will help customers process and analyze data faster. Tetpon said, IBM plans to deploy Power-based rack based servers with Nvidia’s GPUs as early as 2014.

Read more about what IBM has in store for the future in the original article here at Computer World.

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